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The Human Race - Obsessed with Appearance?

Everywhere I look I see people who wear makeup, have expensive clothing, show off their bodies and show off their wealth in any way possible. All everyone cares about is what others look like, if they have a beautiful spouse, what their social status is...etc..

I can't seem to find anyone who relates to me. What happened to trying to bring something new into the world. Sure, there are many famous people "making a difference" but everything goes back to your own vanity!

I'm 16 and not once in my life have I felt the need to look beautiful. My sisters are all obsessed with looking pretty and my own mother bothers me on a daily basis about my appearance. There's always some stupid thing wrong. No one can believe that appearance means nothing to me and I'm sure I'm going to get idiots saying that everyone cares what people look like...blah blah blah.

It seems everyone thinks that people are just as shallow as them. So I've learned to hate the human race as a whole. I get laughed at a lot. People make fun of me because my hair isn't all done up by some hair stylist and my clothes didn't cost $100 dollars at some stupid shop. I don't believe in wasting money on my looks when there are people suffering from starvation.

I doubt anyone will agree with me because humans, although supposedly the most intelligent animals, are the most brain-washed, deceitful beings on earth. Thank you for showing me the truth of mankind at such a young age. At least I didn't put too much of my faith in humans before being horribly disappointed.


yes, I do shave my armpits. I never said I want humans to smell bad. I take showers daily and all that crap. Being healthy is different than being vain.

Update 2:

I never said I was perfect. I'm horrible at plenty of things. I can't remember the names of human bones to save my life. I got a 7 on a chemistry test I cheated on. I'm just sick of people judging others on outside looks they can't control. I can't change the shape of my nose by concentrating on it!

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    I agree with you. Sometimes I just look around my high school and see how a fad comes in and everyone rushes to buy the "cool" clothes and act according to something else . It's pretty ridiculous when you actually stop to look at people and advertising.

    I wouldn't say I hate the whole human race though. Since I have only seen North America. Their is probably cultures that don't emphasize on there own personal image as much.

    But I guess the just want to fit in. That's natural, to want to be part of a group. The cave men probably didn't wear designer jeans, but they definitely wanted to be part of a group, for more practical reasons though. Our society has completely taken advantage of that though. We also have this new individual praise that is fairly unique. When a rock star of actor does something different, no one picks on them for it, they praise them and try to imitate them. They sort of set a silent standard for ones personal image.

    You can't feel insecure if you look like everyone else. Like zebra confusing a lion XD lol

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    It's all about celebrity. Everyone wants to be a celebrity now, and that means looking perfect in every way, from your hair down to your sexy boots. It's always been this way. It's just now with more media, tv, newpapers and magazines, internet etc. etc. it is more noticeable and more people are doing it, and more people want to do it. It is so much more affordable to look like a star now.

    I loved the 60's, even though I was too young to enjoy it properly. I loved the innocence of it all. Look at some of the bands and celebrities that came out of that era, and they were no fashion victims or style gurus. But lots of them were, and they understood the importance of looking cool. You could get away without making too much of an effort though, unlike now. Unless you look a certain way, you don't stand a chance.

    Having said that, people have always cared about the way they look.

    You don't have to join the celebrity bandwagon. It's about who you are more than what you look like, and it's important that you love yourself.

    Hating the human race is understandable when you see what a mess we've made of this world, but don't forget that you are part of the human race!

    So, come on, get your glad rags on, join me hon, we'll have some fun when the clock strikes one!

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    I assume you are from a nation that is predominately inhabited by 1 race, so their is probably not much racial tension in your country. (Are you saying that South Africa does not have any race issues? Whites are attacked daily in South Africa. Apartheid just ended. South Africa is still far more segregated than the United States. South Africa is far more racist than the United States. There is racism in South Africa's employment, did you know that the average white person in South Africa makes on average, six times more than a black person? In America whites only make, on average, a few thousands of dollars more than blacks. All the whites are desperately trying to get out of South Africa, how is that getting along?)

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    I agree, but majority of the people only care about appearance because they can't stand being disliked. I try not to care about what others think of me, but then I get paranoid and can't handle what others have to say. It's good that you don't care though, I bet a lot of those people wish they were more like you. It sucks that your family isn't there to support you, but in the end you'll make it further because you don't have to spend that extra time worrying like majority of us do.

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    I agree with you to a certain extent. Yes, there are an awful lot of shallow people in the world that don't care about anything else but their looks. But there are also others that care about everything from their looks to world hunger. Im not sure if this is you saying you hate people that like to look nice or not, but there's nothing wrong with making yourself look good to feel good... as long as you don't over exaggerate it!

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    You're putting everything into an extreme. Making oneself look nice can make them feel happy about putting effort into themself. It does not make them conceited or horrible people, and it also doesn't mean they spent a ton of money on their things. If anything, this is a conceited post, you are no higher than anyone else because you couldn't care less how your perceived. This is not a blogspot, this is a question and answer site. If you feel the need to boast about yourself, go onto livejournal or other blogging site of that sort and write that kind of stuff. No one on here cares.

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    Hey! Everybody isn't like that. Only Facebook users :P

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    hmm sounds like you really do care if you're writing this much on it... maybe you dont like the human race because they make fun of u? and no, of course not all humans are like that and i bet the majority of them think its ridiculous that people are laughing at you for not having 100 dollar clothes! sure its not everything and yeah people are a bit brainwashed and obsessed with it but everyone priorities are different and you should respect that... you are just as bad as them for criticizing their choices

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    I agree compleltey.

    I am a bear and humans suck

    Bear and all other animals>humans

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    only in the usa

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