Is it just and fair for Sudan & Islamic law to whip women for wearing trousers and naming teddy bears?

Women charged and whipped for violating "indecency" laws by wearing trousers?

The notorious "teddy bear" naming resulting in a whipping sentence:


"Truth" I didn't ask for a comparison of crime rates, I asked if it was just and fair to whip a woman for wearing a pair of trousers (for "indecency", not even for Islam followers, but even for Christians and its PANTS for gosh sake, not anything INDECENT!) or for naming a teddy bear mohammad. You totally avoided the question and tried to justify ridiculously. But of course those countries will have low reported crime rates, why in the world would a raped Muslim woman report it when she is likely to be blamed, punished, killed or banished permanently from family and society.

Update 2:

Furthermore, why in the world would you blame a woman for a rape because of the way she dresses? Can't you see that is just plain stupid!

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    Well, we all know this is the "Religion of Peace", now, don't we?

    Hmmmm, "Truth"?!?!?

    Like the "Religion of Peace"?

    Now, where was it that a Native young lady was sentenced to 200 lashes because she was raped? Never did hear tell about the guy who raped her getting punished!? Wasn't that the same place where the Religious Police forced 15 young schoolgirls to die in the burning school because their burkhas had caught fire and they'd ditched them? Heard tell that even stopped the Fire Fighters from trying to save those poor young girls!?

    Hey, wasn't that Saudi Arabia?

    And what about all those News stories about the Muslim gangs raping women in the Countries that they immigrated to and those Imams claiming that it was the White Woman's lack of hijab that "aroused" those poor Muslim gangs to do this? Don't recall anyone ever inviting these uneducated, unemployable, dole queue filling people to come to these places and it's downright funny that nobody else get's aroused by the woman's dress styles except these, what shall we call them ... Muslims?


    Well, I really don't see why all these poor Muslims need to come here to our "impure" lands and make a burden of themselves here when there are such Glorious Countries like Saudi Arabia for them, don't you think?

    Heck, all those Glorious Islamic Countries pay top dollar to non-Muslims and even give them Cantonments with a lot of liberty that the Natives don't have, just to get the technology and maintain the developments, don't you know?

    So, why not take all these poor Muslims there and educate them and use them, instead? God knows the Kings and Emirs can afford that, don't you know?

    Look at what the Muslims all over the World. Just 6% of them live above the poverty line and can afford an education!?

    Sure, there are rapes happening in UK and USA. Guess who are doing that?

    Well, we'll just have to toe the hard line and get rid of all these unwanted elements, won't we?

    Oh, did I mention that I speak Arabic and know some very decent Arabs, though they're not practicing Muslims and some are even Christian and do go to the Middle East a lot and know that place first hand? Our problem is not with the decent people, it's with the uneducated, unemployable indecent ones. You know, the Ajami types.

    Unto you be your your deen and unto me, be mine.

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    If you wear indecent clothes in a Proper Islamic Country you get punished but, Sudan isn't a proper muslim country not even near it. This country is corrupt by rich people and the poor suffer. You can see that women wearing decent clothing results in men not looking at them with a dirty or lusty mind and the rape cases decrease also. This is why Saudi Arabia hardly has any rape cases and crime is very low there.

    Ash - Women are not tired of these laws because, they give them respect and honour. If muslim women are tired of these laws and they want to leave it but, can't because there is a so-called threat of them getting killed by relatives if, this was true then in Iraq there is no threat because, the US troops are there and they can secure those women that want to leave Islam but, this isn't the case women are not threatened nor are they tired of these laws because, this is a ridiculous statement made by you (ASH) cause we can see the muslims are holding onto the religion even more firmly. So please do not lie.

    Edit- Yes Islam is a religion of peace. If you look at Muslims you might not find a good image of Islam but, the best example that you can look at is Prophet Muhammad (SAW) just, like if I was to look at Hitler and judge the Christians it wouldn't be fair it would seem like Christians are ruthless. Likewise you cannot just look at the black sheeps of a community and judge the religion accordingly just because, the media presents it doesn't mean it is always true it is a based media controlled by the western.

    LONE WOLF- I didn't say Saudi Arabia doesn't have any crime I said it has less crime compared with rest of the countries in the world especially UK. Well there are black sheeps in every community, like the man who kept his daughter locked up for more than 20 years and did insect that was in the UK. As a whole Saudi Arabia has the lowest crime rate.

    Your just picking out rare cases and presenting them I am not a judge here and doesn't matter how many cases you present still, it has the lowest rate of crime and your a person that doesn't understand what the other person is trying to say because, I have already said that they have low crime rate compared with the rest I didn't say they had zero. If I was to present the rape cases in the UK and USA I would be here all my life mentiong them cause, in the US every minute on average a rape takes place.

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    Look at their prophet muhammad...

    They say he gave women freedom, really. He married a 6 year old, now is follower marry young girls at 11 years old.

    If muslims (particular the women of this sect) cannot see the wrong in this, then the men will continue. (their excuses are the same happened in the Old Testament). Is that a excuse.

    Muhammed set the dirt rule, the women sanctioned it.

    Sick - they call it respect & honor.

  • Ash
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    They have been told to do it about 1400 years ago. Most of muslim women are fed up of these rules but are afraid of their relatives because they will be killed if they are converted to some other religion.

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    A sad story, indeed. Shame on those passing judgment for such trivial matters. If there actually is a god, they're surely going to suffer in the afterlife for such offenses against his creations.

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    It is not fair in any religion, only Islam says to do this.

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    That's not fair and just, either.

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