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Famous Austrian Food?

What are famous Halal(no pork) austrian staples that are easy to make?

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    Austrian and German food tends to be very simple, yet still requires great skill.

    When you eliminate pork, you eliminate the famous "Wiener Schnitzel" and "Jäger Schnitzel," among other things. Another famous food is their near infinite variety of dumplings. Sacher Torte is arguably their most famous desert, but wait to you go into an Austrian "Konditorei" (Bake shop), you'll explode at the selection.

    Unfortunately, Germanic cooking isn't simple merely because it tends to use simple ingredients. There are many techniques displayed in their sauces and baking that can only come from experience and apprenticeships.

    This is a cop out, as it is NOT a famous Austrian dish, just an everyday Austrian dish that is very simple: bring consomme or other flavored stock to a strong boil, take it off the heat, pour into a bowl, and then gently slip an egg yolk without any white into the hot broth and let it simmer gently a minute or two so that the yolk keeps its shape. Garnish with fresh parsley, if you wish. Serve. You will be amazed at what a pick-me-up this can be on a cold day, or what an elegant soup course it can make.

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    Famous Austrian Food

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    the original "wiener schnitzel" is made of veal and not of pork

    if its made of pork its called "schnitzel wiener art" or "schnitzel vom schwein"

    so go ahead and make some schnitzel :D

    so iam from vienna and ill give you some names you can google, and iam sure you find lots of recipes

    wiener schnitzel (veal as i said ^^)

    gulasch (rindsgulasch, fiakergulasch, kalbsrahmgulasch, ...)

    linsen mit semmelknödel




    knödel mit Ei



    haschee hörnchen

    and some sweet stuff:





    schomlauer nockerln



    buchteln mit vanillesauce

    if you take the palatschinken and cut them into stripes instead of putting jam and sugar onto it we put them into our soup, thats the "frittatensuppe"

    PS: because i read the poster before me, attention "speck" is pork so speckknödel are probably a bad idea ^^, and if you read "schinken" while you search for recipes via google thats pork too

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    I live in the uk my countries food i would say fish and chips I live in the north west of the uk in a county called Lancashire which is famous for it's hotpot it contains mincemeat, carrots, peas and diced potato covered in a layer of sliced potatoes baked in the oven

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    Salzburger Nockerln --- it´s a desert.

    Wiener Schnitzel,


    Wiener Würstchen --- obviously in Vienna they are called Frankfurter, but we in Hamburg call them Wiener.

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