I need mind blowing ideas for my daughter's 16th birthday!?

I have the greatest daughter and I want to throw a special party for her 16th birthday. Please give me ideas based on what worked well for you. Thanks.

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    My friend threw a mind-blowing party for her daughter, not for 16th bday but for Jr. High graduation or some such thing, so this could be altered. They had a party, "What Would Barbie Do?" and first made a video to invite everyone - kind of like a mini-movie where some of the girls acted out Barbie going shopping downtown. There were boys and girls invited, the colors were pink and black, they made wristbands like you would get for an amusement park as the tickets to get in. The girls all chose something like New York Barbie, Rocker Barbie, Prom Barbie, etc, various barbies. The cutest think was they had made a large Barbie box out of a refrigerator box, painted pink etc, and they took everyone's photos inside that box.

    They involved the boys by having a relay race where they all had to change into kind of barbie type clothes over their regular clothes and race - relay style.

    So you could do something like this, with or without the Barbie theme, but do make a photo booth, the wrist bands, and maybe a video invite! They just posted the video online and people had to go and view it.

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    i have a few ideas.

    -Rent a limo && plan a night for her and a few girlfriends.

    Don't let her know about it and make it a surprise.

    Tell her to invite a few girlfriends over && tell them all to get dressed up && that the rest of the night is a surprise.

    -Rent a party bus! I had one for my 16th birthday and i loved it! Fill it with her friends. Guys and girls. They will be entertained for hours.

    -Rent out a club, hotel ballroom, or city all area.. Somewhere that has a big open room to have a party. Have some kind of a theme.

    Examples.. Black & white, but have your daughter dress in color.

    Hawaiian, famous people, Retro, ect.

    Get a dj, have good, and dance the night away.

    - Take your daughter and a few of her girlfriends to an overnight spa.

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    16th Birthday Gifts For Daughter

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    You could donate all the money to charity and just get a pizza and DVD with some friends. Okay, its not exactly extravagent but tbh 'Sweet 16' is totally overrated. You can hardly do anything when you're 16, so why is it so widely celebrated? Have a big thing for your 18th or 21st, when you can actually have a proper party.

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    Depends on how much you want to spend and what your Daughter likes.

    I'm fifteen turning 16 in november.

    I'm going to take a limo with friends to lunapark (themepark in Aussie where I live) and we are going to have pizza before hand.

    Or some girls have had big parties with themes like Army, Chicargo, Las Vegas, James Bond-Secret Agents, Hollywood etc...

    Its usually best to not go for a surprise party as they usually dont end well as your daughter might have other party ideas in mind to what you think, for the best party you should probably ask her what she wants to do as then she'll enjoy it the most.

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    heres a few ideas i think are pretty good. im 16 and I would have loved all these ideas, i did the hotel thing.

    - rent a limo and take her and a few of her friends to spend a night at hotel, maybe in the nearest big city near you or by the beach, and maybe just let them shop, go to the beach, go out to dinner etc.

    - Rent out a cool place like a concert hall or small club and hold her party there, it would be fun to have it with black lights and have everyone dress in white so they would glow and have the whole glowsticks and glowpaint thing

    - a bonfire party on the beach at night would be fun, just play music, build a huge bonfire, invite all her friends and let them do what they want

    hope this helped :)

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    Well, i have no one who actually cared about me enough to actually give me anything for my birthday, but i will help you. I would go and send her out on a spa day, getting TOTALLY pampered, and like set up a surprise masquerade party with all her friends and whatnot, and like, just make her feel loved. And you should buy her a hotel room for the night or whatever and let some of her friends stay :]

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    if you let her drink now then how about a bottle of champagne with her name ingraved in it?

    or how about a personalized photo blanket or cushion.

    OR how about you ask her friends to each write a small message to her, get some photos of her and her friends, make a collage, stick it in a frame and on the photos maybe write the messages from her friends?

    good luck! happy birthday to your daughter! :)

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    for my 16th birthday, my mom rented 2 limos and took me and 15 of my friends to the speedway to race cars and play games (since most of my friends are guys) and then out to dinner in hollywood. We had our space and got group rates wherever we went.

    for my sister's 16th, we rented a disneyland hotel suite for one night and told her to invite as many people as she could fit into the room (comfortably, haha)... they went into the disneyland park for one day, went to rainforest cafe in downtown disney for dinner, walked around the shops, got crazy hats, took awesome pictures went to build-a-bear, and asked all her friends to give her cash so she could spend it at disneyland. it turned out great.

    you could also do this at a beach or lake, if your not close to somewhere like disneyland.

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