How many levels in Donkey Kong?

I got the original Donkey Kong for my Wii. I've been playing it and it seems to keep playing the same three levels over and over. The first one is the ramps, the second has the elevators and the third has the rivits. Then it starts over with the ramps. Does anybody remember how many different levels there were?

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  • Cassie
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    1 decade ago
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    There are 3 levels.

  • 4 years ago

    as quickly as you complete each and all the ranges, you initiate on the initiating of the sport and save enjoying till you lose all your lives; a lot of human beings have long previous by way of each and all the ranges. The Donkey Kong Jr. severe score (as of February 2010) is held by utilising Steve Wiebe with a million,one hundred ninety,4 hundred factors. no person has yet beat this checklist. in accordance to a lot of human beings on the Donkey Kong boards, the optimal feasible sensible score (without cheating or utilising gadget faults) is around a million.40 5 million factors, which no person has reached yet. was hoping this helped!(:

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