Why do so many people think that Edward Cullen qualifies as a vampire?

I mean, honestly! What the hell was Stephanie Meyer smoking when she wrote those pathetic excuses for literature?

Exhibit A. Edward Cullen sparkles in sunlight. Vampires burst into flames during the day.

Exhibit B. Edward Cullen attempts to hide his identity as a vampire. A "real" vampire wouldn't even bother; it would be too busy draining you of blood.

Exhibit C. Edward Cullen is in a freaking high school. 'Nuff said.


@Colonel Badass:

Heck, even The Count from Sesame Street could wipe the floor with him!

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    Yes! AT least somebody understandS!

    Thank you! You have made my day! :D

    hahhaha well... I see what your saying with this.

    From what i understand, she never really knew about vampires. But from movies and books and the mythological stories about them that people had told, she kind of gathered her own thoughts of what would have to a vampire if it didn't burst into flames in the sun? Or what if they could be around blood as if its nothing? She wanted to give them a newer look and a better meaning, but it just doesn't cut it. lol

    I think she went the wrong way with the whole vampire thing.

    I have read the books and they're ok, but i just don't like the way she made the vampires.... It disappoints me. D: lol.

    Hope this helps! :D

    - Ashley F

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You are right in one way: the phenomenon is absurd.


    "Exhibit A. Edward Cullen sparkles in sunlight. Vampires burst into flames during the day."

    No they don´t... except in crappy old Hollywood vehicles and Anne Rice novels. Generally, vampires don´t come out in the daytime, but that does not mean sunlight actually harms them.

    Exhibit B. Edward Cullen attempts to hide his identity as a vampire. A "real" vampire wouldn't even bother; it would be too busy draining you of blood.

    This, too, is nonsense. One of the oldest vampire stories in existence, namely from ancient Greece, tells us how a man unwittingly marries an Empusa, who intends to drain him in the marriage bed.

    "Exhibit C. Edward Cullen is in a freaking high school. 'Nuff said."

    While this is indeed odd for a person who supposedly has lived since before the 20th century began, there is nothing inherently wrong about it. He looks like a teenager. Natural hunting ground.

    None of this means that Stephanie Meyer should not be devoured by Dracula.

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    ITS FICTION EITHER WAY! You haven't seen a vampire burst into flames during the day. You haven't seen a REAL Vampire sparkle in the sunlight. You haven't even seen a vampire. So your wrong, and stephanie's wrong. Its a fiction story made out of stephanie's dreams. You just hate it cause It became famous by all the little teenage girl fans, and the obsess over edward and jacob. You don't like it? Write your own book.

  • casida
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    4 years ago

    they are able to drink frequently used blood, they simply decide directly to drink animal blood. yet on condition that it fairly is a fictional tale, and vampires are not actual besides, they do no longer unquestionably drink something in any respect. Which additionally skill that there is not any set skills which makes them vampires. till you could coach blood eating, solar hating, extraordinary dressing, sly moving, alluring vampires unquestionably exist then... by stephenie meyer's definition, the Twilight vampires are vampires. Oh no! enable's have a vampire rights rally to declare that Twilight is demeaning and offensive to actual vampires. enable's have some actual vampires step up and say so first, or different sensible shove it! they are not even actual! XD people gets so warm blooded over those issues too...this is ridiculous...ly humorous. hiya for all you already know, the Twilight vampires are fairly the actual vampires and that they get indignant by vampire stereotypes like napping in coffins, napping in any respect, dressing surprisingly, and different issues too.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You forgot:

    He doesn't drink human blood. He drinks ANIMAL blood.

    That's like saying that someone who likes rare meat is a vampire.

    I'm guessing most Twilight fans would say something stupid, like:

    "Because in Twilight, Stephanie Meyer says he's a vampire!" Or, "because Twilight is about vampires, and that's what he is!"

    Or, "because he drinks blood!"

    Brainwashed, much?

    I read somewhere that Stephanie Meyer actually had no idea what vampires were like when writing Twilight. WTF.

    Why would you write a book about something you know nothing about?

    Anyway, back to Edward Cullen.

    To me, I think he's more like... a super human who eats animal blood.

    And, he's an over protective prick who has nothing better to do than stalk the most annoying female character created.

    Stephanie Meyer likes her characters too much. Not only can he run super fast, but he has super human strength! AND he can read minds! AND he's incredibly attractive. AND he's RICH. AND... the list goes on.

    That's my opinion, basically.

    Source(s): Read Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, half of Breaking Dawn then gave up. I don't understand the hype. AT ALL.
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    Why do so many people think that Edward Cullen qualifies as a vampire?

    Because the fictional book in which he is written about says so. Your own "vampire qualifications" are simply some OTHER author's fictional account. Are you trying to argue which fiction is "real"? That's just a case of "my imaginary friend is better than your imaginary friend".

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    As Long As He's Hot He Can Be A Vampire.!

    No Really Hot=Vamire Lol

    Kinda Like Staurt Townsend

  • Bumble
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    1 decade ago

    Stephen King has told the press that

    Meyers is a HACK

    that should be writing Harlequin romance


    I am surprised that

    Anne Rice has not said anything ...

    As far as the books being a sensation,

    you have to realize that the majority of

    teenage girls who put this book on the

    map have also put the "Jonas Brothers"

    on the Billboard's top 100


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    Teenagers and young adults these days are so very different to the ones in the generations before us. The girls these days find Edward appealing, especially since Robert Pattinson portrayed him in the movie.

    Love blinds the mind, Knowledge blinds the heart.

    And in this case I'd rather be knowledgeable.

    Source(s): I'm a teenaged girl.
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    Maybe he blinds his enemies with the sparkles?

    Haha I laughed my *** off reading the book, and my friend has a shirt that say says real boys sparkle but she crossed it out and wrote only ******* sparkle

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