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What is your definition on the meaning of life?

Are we here for a reason? Or do i come from soup? and chance? Am i here to defeat every other human on the planet so that i can prove my worth to some sort of god? Or am i here to reproduce and keep nature going through the recycling of my remains? whats your take x

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    We exist for the simple reason that we exist.

    There is NO purpose; there is NO ‘Grand Plan” or 'meaning' to our existence; there is NO invisible space chappie; we are just a very simple accident in Time and Space.

    We are, at best, an accidental collection of loosely combined waves and particles responding to our environment ... no matter how sophisticated that environment may be or we imagine it to be.

    At the end of 'life' we 'disperse'; we dissipate into the waves and particles of stardust.

    We may as well have some fun while we're here without all that paranoia stuff - thinking there are invisible sky chappies watching and waiting for us to screw up.

    We are ALL, ALWAYS reacting to the circumstance-environment in which we find ourselves and EVERYTHING we EVER do is so that we can enjoy some 'happy' as a result.


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    LIfe is simply a state of being that gives homo sapiens the opportunity of spending half their lifetime looking at the stars to see what happened billions of years ago just so that they may spend the later half predicting what will happen in the next ten trillion years. This when humanity will most likely be extinct in a scarce hundred million years.

    Life is absurd. There may be a god, there may be a purpose but we'll never know definitively..all the same, it can be damn fun to go about searching or getting in bar fights over who has a better idea.

    In other words, 42.

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    Yes we are here for a reason, and that's because God wanted us here. Your not here to defeat others but to help them by bring them to God.

    No one can earn God's salvation, it comes by Grace, and to get it, all ya have to do is obey his words, to love him with all you mind, body, heart and strength.

    Every person plays some roll in Gods plan, yet no one is greater than the next, all parts are to work together.

    While our journeys differ, the goal is the same for all people (although some do not want it). while experiences may differ the root problem is the same for all people. We do not war against flesh, but against powers and principalities.

    The bible defines life as a race, we must endure and keep our eye on the prize, which is the kingdom of God. Each trial and lesson we come through gets us that much closer to that prize.

    Your here because God wanted you here, and He knew you before the creations of the world. You didn't come from a melting pop, but he fashioned you with His own hands.

    And chance happens to everyone, but their existence is not by chance.

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    Defining meaning of life is problematic.

    There are many variables and unknowns, as evidenced by your ever-popular question and the many answers given down through history.

    Reason implies intelligent design of some type.

    Assuming God is warlike is not logical, merely a common assumption.

    Assuming reproduction is natural and not also Godly is another assumption.

    So, logically, reading a few more authors that interest you would be helpful.

    Some suggestions:

    "Man, Master of His Destiny," O. M. Aivanhov,

    "The Path of the Higher Self," Mark Prophet,

    "The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?", Free and Wilcock,

    "Adventurer's Guide," Jack Wheeler,

    "West with the Night," Beryl Markham,

    "The Great Divorce," C. S. Lewis,

    "Expecting Adam," Martha Beck,

    "The Overachievers," Alexandra Robbins,

    "When Invisible Children Sing," Chang,

    "Stay Alive, My Son," Pin Yathay.

    Reviews at http://www.amazon.com

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    life is a "game". it doesn't mean it's necessarily fun, it means there is a specific GOAL.

    the immediate goal, for any particular person, is to master stuff in the ordinary sense. we learn things, we apply them to our life, we make our lives as good as they can get.

    an intermediate goal is to master ourselves. this is different than mastering general stuff.

    the first REAL goal is to wake up. We are really just playing out the role of our name but this person who has your name isn't actually the real you. The real you is actually something else. Not just someone else but something else. I don't mean any nonsense like a "spirit" or a "soul" or any of that crap. This is something recognizable but only under special circumstances.

    forget about other people, other life or life period. the REAL question is "how did you, personally, get here?" Why you? And HOW you? Who ARE you, exactly?

    why is the ultimate goal related to finding out who you really are? Because THAT is the NATURE of the game.

    Source(s): The Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution - Peter Ouspensky
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    Plato's cave. We came from the spiritual world.

    We were kick out from there due to our rebellious attitude to the Supreme. That is reason. The the purpose is to make back to our original home and stop this nonsense unnecessary suffering in this material existence.

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    My definition is:

    it is whatever each individual makes it for themselves.

    If you believe you are here for a reason, then you are.

    "Soup" - well, you could call it that, I've heard it referred to as "batter".

    Only you can say.

    I don't know, nor can I say, why you are here.

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    it's about being true to yourself, fulfilling your dreams, doing things for other people. it's about family, friends, rainbows, sprinkles, glitter, little babies and that chick who plays luna in harry potter. its about alan rickman's long pauses, and daniel radcliffe's increasingly good acting. it's about living on your own high, going absolutely crazy and living the happiest life you could ever imagine. coz you don't want to get to the end and regret everything you've done and everyone you've ever let down .

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