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i need help.i cant sleep.i feel lonely.i feel depressed.?

its very hard for me to go sleep.but when i finally do some one will always wake me up by coming in my room at like 3-4am to go on my laptop and yes i have a lock on my door.my cousin just always unpick it.but in the daytime its so easy for me to go sleep.i cant stay up in the daytime.and lately i hate being around people. when people come around me and talk to me i get so frustrated and do like answering people questions.its hard for me to think lately.i only can eat one time a day.and when im alone im cry like crazy. but it helps me when i do.but then again it makes me feel like. im ready for my life to be over.i been through a lot in my life like got almost rape by my cousin (im a boy) when i was in 2nd grade and he was 19.he would beat me and strip me naked and rub his penis against mine but i never tell no one cause i felt embarrassed.i lost my house and all my belongings in fire,grandad,other grandad and my fav cousin all this year. im writing too much but its alot on my mind i have to say but im going to end it here.and also i dont care how the fine the girl is.after 5mins on the phone i wanna get off and be alone.i hate being lonely but i feel like its the best. i need help badly i dont want to do anything ill regret

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    You have been through a lot. I don't know much that I could say about this situation. I could offer you a number that you can call... its a toll-free help line in the USA if you ever feel like you really need to talk out loud to someone but can't find anyone you can trust. 1-800-999-9999.

    I know that you're going through a lot right now but try and focus on the good in your life. What are your motivations? Do you have any hobbies? Focus on those things. You've lost some good people in your life but there are still good people in the World. And if right now things seem pretty bad, it gets better.

    Don't give up. The world is a beautiful place even if some people might not be.

    Eating only once a day isn't good. Try doing something different, like getting a new hobby. Maybe that would get your appetite back some. Tell yourself that what happened to you in your life is the past and the future can be however you want it to be.

    For the girl situation. If you feel like you're wanting to get off the phone after 5 minutes, it might be because you have other things on your mind. However, try talking for the five minutes that you are on the phone and when you get bored and don't feel like talking anymore, get off the phone and maybe do some exercises. Possible some push-ups or curl-ups. Maybe a little running. Exercising will promote ustress, which is positive-stress on your body. Exercise is a good reliever of negative stress.

    Even if you don't feel like exercising at first, try it and do it a couple times. You should notice some positive results. Try not to dwell too much on the past. Look toward the future!

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    Your never alone, God ,Everyone in Heaven and Earth are with you. Please don't feel alone! And take advice from the "BEST ANSWER"

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    Call somene. There should be like a concern hotline or something. Your college may offer free counseling and there are cutter support groups all over. I was a cutter so I understand, but you are strong enough to pull through this. Keep your hands busy doing something else, if you CAN sleep, then go lay down and get some sleep, a nap, something, but you have GOT to talk to somene. There is no need to worry yet about what MIGHT happen over summer. Right now, just get through today. Then tomorrow just get through tomorrow. Good Luck to you. Now get off of the computer and go make that phone call.

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    Depression is a horrible thing. Yes, you are probably depressed right now. It is very common for people to go through depressed episodes. If you have a history of trauma (like you mentioned), it is more likely for depression to be harder to overcome. Even though you feel like you want to die, there is hope. All you have to do is tell someone how you feel. There are medications you can take to help with the depression. Even just seeing a counselor and being able to talk to someone without feeling embarrassed could help immensely.

    I know right now the pain feels intolerable, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, no one can help you unless you want to be helped. Nothing is as bad as it seems. Take the first step and talk to someone about it, and you'll feel better - I promise.

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    hey man, i read the bold part of your questions before i read the whole paragraph and it looked like how i feel. not being able to sleep and being lonely and feeling depressed. i read the whole paragraph you wrote and your problems seem way more serious than mine. you need to tell someone about your cousin.

    i know it's kinda silly, but when i'm feeling extremely depressed i go to a mirror and start smiling at myself, i smile really really big and look really ridiculous, which usually makes me laugh a little, and then i smile for real, it really helps you feel a little bit happier. i know it's a bit random and probably won't help you completely but it should cheer you up for a moment.

    is there anyone near where you live where you can talk to? a doctor or a preacher or an adult friend? you need to let someone know about what's going on with you.

    other than that, just try to eat a little more so you're staying healthy.

    best wishes!

    God bless.

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    I was having alot of anxiety before sleeping and could not fall asleep. Had many many sleepless nights.

    I was just playing with the program one afternoon and wanted to listen to the �Power Nap� track. Next thing I knew I was waking up! Fell right asleep without trying. After using the �Fall Asleep� track, I could fall asleep right away. But I didn't realize that I shouldn't be using that one all night. Switched to Whole Night and have been using it ever since.

    I can go to sleep with ease now. I just lay and listen to the sounds and next thing I know I am waking up from a nice sleep. I don't suffer from lack of sleep anymore. I keep an IPod with earbuds next to my bed and take it ALWAYS when traveling. The earbuds help block out ambient noise and the sleep tracks keep me sleeping sound :)

    Reboot your brain & sleep soundly again?

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    Your cousin is one very sick individual. I had an adult relative in my life that did that and worse to me.

    That kind of ongoing psychological, physical and sexual violence and torment really has a toll on our emotions.

    The most important thing for me to hear was "it's not your fault, it's not your fault, it's not your fault." We always think we could have done something different, something to stop it - we don't realize how powerless a little kid is until we have one of our own.

    I am sorry about both your grandfathers and your favorite cousin, that's a horrendous loss all at once.

    Keep talking about it and reach out to people. Cry as much as you can, as awful as it feels, every tear is healing your insides and your emotions.

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    maybe you could move your laptop or explain to your cousin that you are having trouble sleeping when he comes in.You need to eat more. Try doing something fun. I know life seems tough right now but it will get better you just have to believe it will. The past is gone and we need to try our best to forget about it and move on. Talk to God if that helps. I don't know if your a Christian or believe in God but if you do, don't be afraid to talk to Him. I believe He has a plan for all of us. And sometimes that plan involves going through a rough patch. But please don't throw in the towel and give up. Try to do something with a friend. Go to an amusement park or the beach. Do something to get your mind off the stress. Don't give up life will get better. Pray and have faith. It might not get better at first but it will. Just give it some time. Please don't give up. You will regret it if you do.

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    I can tell you to hang on to God , for with Him everything is easier to handle , but you need to remember that to become a believer you must believe indeed, not wanting to believe not thinking perhaps you'll believe,

    no you need to believe right away and then little by little, you'll anxieties and worries are going to be just like any other problem that will need solving, hopefully you abandon yourself to the goodness of God and then you'll be set free and ready to deal with anything the right way.

    so long.

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    Don't do anything you want to regret. If it has really gotten to that case i really suggest you may want to get some help. Having that kind of past, that kind of terrible and saddening event can slowly rust anyone. I used to go online to tell people my traumatic experiences or sad or anything that impacted me or that i experienced because i had to. After some time, you need to tell someone, the human body needs communication and security. You telling us about your horrific experiences are an example of that. it kind of takes some strain of of our chests. But only a bit. You really should speak to someone about your cousin. Speak to your grandfather as rachek suggested. You cannot have someone like that torture you or let them get away with what they have done to you. Its unimaginably horrifying. I hope you are alright and i want you to do something about your cousin. obviously nothing bad- but do something that will render his true evil. you need to tell someone else. please. take care.

    if your ever at a point you think you are going to do something you'll regret, pick up the phone and call the police, your grandpa or anyone you can talk to. or leave the house and go for a walk and talk to someone.

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