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Gates was arrested for disorderly conduct -- Why were the charges dropped?


Thanks for all your answers. I guess it's mostly speculation at this point. I can't find any statement by the district attorney or the police department, explaining why they didn't pursue the case.

IMHO, if the police didn't feel they had a case, they should have apologized for making the arrest.

But it's no fair giving somebody "best answer" just for agreeing with me. So I'll let y'all vote on it.

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    the DA probably knew that the race card had already been thrown down by gates and, since it was ultimately discovered that it was his home, they were dropped so as not to make a mountain out of a mole-hill. Then again, the Cambridge police dept didn't expect the POTUS to put his foot in his mouth and make the mole-hill a mountain anyways.

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    I believe he was arrested for "disrespecting" the cop. Cops are egotistical and often times bullies. There is some merit in America that black men are wrongfully targeted and accused of wrong doing as well as being mistreated by the police. Black men are vilified in the media. Watch a news show and see for yourself. Overwhelmingly when a black man appears on the news its for a crime. A white person who is accused of a similar crime is not often plastered on the news. Look at prison populations in this country and compare it to the regular population. Black and Latino men are in the minority as compared to white men in the country but blacks and latinos are in the majority of the prison population. Why? Do they commit more crimes than whites? The answer is no. True be told, the criminal justice system is often bias.... police included. I have seen it as a citizen and as an officer. In short, had the officer left the house when he realized that no crime was committed, Gates would never have been arrested.

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    Because there was not a legitimate case against him and because of who he was. Had he been someone people did not know, Gates would have still been in jail for the disorderly conduct charge and a breaking and entering charge, until he was found innocent. Unfortunately in this country, SOME people are guilty until proven innocent....not the other way around.

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    Because it was a high profile case and not worth the publicity. If it continued, there would be all kinds of media attention disturbing the peace in Cambridge neighborhoods, and requiring police over time and on and on. It was a minor case, and not worth anyone's time to pursue it. There is something called discretion, and it is used by prosecutors all the time.

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    You figure it out. The POTUS told millions on national TV that he is a close friend of Gates.

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    Perhaps all these people who are blaming Obama are not aware that the charges were dropped BEFORE Obama spoke about it.

    I think cooler heads prevailed at the station, and they realized that Crowley overreacted.

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    Because the police officer acted stupidly and blew the case--not that there was a case to begin with. It's a clear case a cop losing his cool and abusing his power.

    I don't care about the racial angle as much as I'm concerned with the cop arresting someone for entering their own home because of some dingbat old lady's phone call.

    If this had happened to me, I can easily picture circumstances where tempers might flare.

    I bet 90% people poster on here would get irate if a cop with an attitude showed up at their door demanding their ID and accused them of breaking into their own home. Especially if he implied you weren't classy enough to live in such a neighborhood.

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    According to whom he was arrested for " disorderly conduct " don't say sgt crowley

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    Because Gates is Obama's buddie.... and an activist.

    See the real Gates here:


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    They should have locked Obama up for obstruction of justice!! I mean honestly, why in the hell would Obama stick his nose in a police matter that does not involve him. He made himself look like a complete jackass!! He's a friend of Obama's why else would they drop the charges?

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