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i just found out about the uncircumsized process and im 19 and not circumsized help plz!!!?

im 19 years old and found out i was uncircumsized at 13 but never knew the part about the retractable skin.i never tried to pull it back on my own.thought it was not to meant to be.but when i have sex or get a ******* some times it goes back but it hurts like hell then minutes later it doesnt and im use to it.but now since i read about it when i pull my skin back and touch the head. it hurts. so sensitive. and when i have sex and it pulls back it hard to put the foreskin back over it.should i go see a doctor?

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    Your foreskin does not have to be retractable. Many guys never pull their skin back because it is tight. You should not do anything to your penis that hurts it or the foreskin.

    What made you think you had to pull it back in the first place?

    If you are concerned, see your doctor.

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    First of all, it sounds like your foreskin's still a little tight (but not too bad). A little bit of stretching to loosen the foreskin should fix that. See the links below for good detailed instructions on what you can do to loosen your foreskin, so you can pull it all the way back and forth easily and comfortably during an erection.

    Second of all, it's actually very common for the glans and inner foreskin of uncircumcised guys to be really sensitive, even almost to the point of pain. Fortunately this is also pretty easy to "fix."

    When soft, pull your foreskin back and hold it back, exposing the glans and inner foreskin to the air for a few minutes every day. It doesn't have to touch anything, exposing it to the air's good enough. Gradually, over the period of a month or so, you'll gradually get used to the sensation and it'll become bearable to the touch.

    Also, be sure to pull your foreskin back every time you take a shower/bath and wash under there. Just wash that area like you would any other part of your body - with water and some soap. However, some strong and/or scented soaps can cause the area to become irritated because the tissue is so sensitive; using just water is fine or a mild unscented soap is preferable. If it's too sensitive to touch at first, just letting water rinse over it is fine until it's bearable to touch. When you're done, just "air dry" the area for a minute or two before returning your foreskin back over the glans.

    I hope all this helps and best of luck with everything!

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    Yes you should go see a doctor about anything that concerns you about your body. I have heard about other people with similar issues. They would just practice on pulling the foreskin back every day, and eventually it wouldn't hurt you and be natural, but if that doesn't work you may consider surgury to circumsize you. I don't think you will need surgury though considering that the skin does retract, just some exercises. Good luck!

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    over time as you pull the foreskin back you will be more accustomed to the feeling, if you wish to see a doctor you can but i don't think they can do much for you. As for it being hard to get the foreskin back over the head, doing some stretches will help with that.

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    90% of men have thier foreskin

    only jews and muslims are circumcised

    if your skin is tight look up foreskin stretching excercises on the net

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    Yes, see the doctor for advice

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    Don't click that link, go see a doctor. Why do you post this stuff on the internet?

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    hmm.. just masturbate a lot :]

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