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When will christains accept evoultion?

Based on this response I found

"They are, and have always been, at war against science.

Christians spent 1,000 years arguing that the earth was flat - after its true spherical shape had been determined.

They spent 300 years arguing that the earth was the center of the universe - after the Copernican Theory had demonstrated that it orbited the sun; and it was not until 1992 that the Catholic Church “forgave” Galileo for his support of the Copernican universe.

They have spent 150 years fighting the exact same battle and using the exact same strategy and tactics against evolution.

They have tried and failed for the last 150 years to amend the US Constitution to explicitly include and promote your religious doctrine."

It took the catholic church 300 years to accept the world was not the centre of the universe,

How long do you think it will take for christains/catholic to accept evoultion


"Come back here and tell me what that evidence is. In my entire life, I've never seen any"

There is evidence but you will probably just say

That is mircoevoultion

But drug resistance bacteria is an example of evoultion

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    It isn't Christians that contest evolution - the Roman Catholic church has accepted it for over a century.

    Americans invented Creation Science, Americans teach it, and only Americans accept it as a valid pedagogy.

    But they are in denial about this.

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    The Catholic Church accepts evolution.

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    First of all, you for got the other( " )

    Second, that wasn't Christians, EVERYONE thought the world was flat.

    We do accept Evolution. (definition:(biology) the sequence of events involved in the evolutionary development of a species or taxonomic group of organisms ) ( )

    Science has proven that things do change over time, its not hard to understand that.

    What we do not accept is Charles Darwins Theory of Evolution. That Humans evolved from a common ancestor as Apes. because we have 95-98% genome similarity.

    Just as we have a 94% similarity with Dogs.

    Evolution has not been proven. and more than likely wont be proven.

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    You're just being silly. The first mention of the earth being round is in the Bible. The first mention of the earth going round the sun is in the Bible. The first mention of evolution is in the Book of genesis. Most Christians support the theory of evolution. The conflict with Galileo is because Galileo hadn't finished his proof properly. It was the Pope that spotted Galileo's hokey proof and asked him to shut up about it until he had finished his work.

    Honestly, you atheists don't have a clue about anything! You all must be reading the same comic books!

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    I'm a a scientist and a Christian and I think that God used some sort of evolutionary process to create us.

    It's the 'fundies' that believe in the Bible word for word, I believe that the stories of Adam & Eve, Noah, Jonah etc are allegories, not meant to be taken literally.

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    Why are you saying Christians as if every Christian believed this. And Catholicism is not Christian. So talk to the Roman Catholics and keep Christians out of it. Catholics pray to the Virgin Mary and St. Peter and have a pope. Christians do not. used things from way long ago...gosh...And every Christian does not try to change the Constitution. What a weak argument...almost pathetic

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    It wasn't Christians arguing the world was was most of mankind....same thing with geocentrism. The scientific community believed in the geocentric theory. Why do you skew the statistics?

    I am a Christian but also believe in science. I don't believe in the evolutionary theory however anymore than I believe in the geocentric theory. I believe in God's truth which extends to the science He created....though us humans are often slow to realize how the two fit together.

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    I read up to the bit where Christians thought the earth was flat.

    Here's a scripture from the Bible for you Isaiah 40:22

    "here is One who is dwelling above the circle of the earth"

    See "circle of the earth"? Christians knew the earth was a circle because it says so in the Bible and Christians read the Bible, you see.

    I don't know what "Christians" you are talking about.

    Get your facts straight and also your spelling.

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    you mean like the fact pope john paul II wrote many things in favor of the theory

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    It's already happening... a lot do. It may still be a while before all of them come around. Some might never.

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