For anyone who can read Hebrew?

I already transliterated these letters from right to left so what does it say in hebrew:

Tsadeh Nun Resh Tsadeh Tav Mem

or possibly

Tsadeh Nun Tsadeh Resh Tav Mem

(in other words looking at the inscription the Mem was on the left and the first Tsadeh was on the right).

I am not sure of the order of the middle Resh Tsadeh or Tsadeh Resh as the Tsadeh sits on top of the Resh.

Update 2:

Yep, its not ancient hebrew its Old Negev, possibly lol.

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  • Bill C
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    1 decade ago
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    Is it possible to post a photograph of this inscription? It doesn't spell anything that I can tell. Is the Mem a Mem sofit, or just a Mem? Are there any double apostrophes in the word? ״

    It could be an abbreviation for something, but not one I recognize.

    Edit: I don't see anything on there that looks like ancient Hebrew writing, except a squiggly line that somewhat resembles an ancient Mem. The symbols on that chart, most of them, bear no resemblance to the ancient forms of the Hebrew alphabet. I'm not even convinced it's writing, and not just pictures. Sorry I couldn't help.

    Source(s): Hebrew teacher
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