Another Code R- stuck at a door!?


I've been playing Another Code R and I've found most of the door puzzles fairly easy, but I'm stuck on one in the JC Valley building.

The code to copy is T18 1/2

I'm stuck on the 8 part of the code- does anyone know what button to press? Also, Ashley makes reference to the first symbol- an arrow pointing up with a house symbol on it. What does this mean?

I've been trying to get this one for a day now!! It's probably really simple but it's driving me mad. Thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Im stuck there too. All i could think was that the house symbol was the home button, but i think its an "x" in the middle not a house... not sure will get back to you if i find it though =]

    try 1102

    i just did it and it works.

    to get the 0 you have to do 1-1

    Source(s): another answer on here
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