Catholics?Is it sinful to make jokes about God and religion?

I was always taught that God is your best friend, and isn't it essential in a relationship to have humor? I know the Bible says that mocking God is a sin, but what if you don't mean it in a derogatory way? What if you're just cracking a joke? Is it okay to "pick on" God with innocent intentions like that?


For example, I was watching Jim Gaffigan on television and one of his bits was saying things like "I haven't read the Bible, because I don't have to, I'm Catholic." Or "Don't eat meat on Friday....unless you forget!!! Ahhh, do whatever you want."

Or if you've seen Family Guy, how they always have Jesus on there.

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    It is Blasphemy to make fun of God, you can choose one million other subjects but when addressing God humble your self and have real sorrow for your sins before saying His name.

    He is your Creator not a mate you go to the pub and have a pint with.

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  • Mike K
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    It would all depend on the joke. I'm sure Christ had a sense of humour so a joke like:

    1) Why couldn't Jesus have been born in Newfoundland?

    Well you would have never found three wise men or a virgin

    2) A priest in Dublin has discovered Jesus was an Irishman (Hibernian to the Romans) for who else but an Irishman would be 30 years old single and living at home, working with his parents.

    On the other hand jokes that mock God or equate Him to worldly devients or devils through to sexual content would definitely be off limits.


    Michael Kelly

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    "I haven't read the Bible, because I don't have to, I'm Catholic." as an example this type of humour is innocent enough as it is easily understood to be simply flippant, what we need to remember is this basic idiom, human nature will always proceed from a simple premise and quickly head to the more profane.

    Jokes can be so easily base and impart impurity simply by intention to shock,in dealing with that which pertains to God this rule also applies and God is not to be mocked by the dark humour of His creatures.

    In short then the joke may well be intended as harmless and not meant as an insult to God, but whenever we open the floodgates everything and anything pours through.

    Better to err on the side of caution and not make God the butt of our jokes.

    God bless.

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    As a former Catholic I would say that most Catholics would be ok with it. I actually think most Catholics joke around about god a lot. Even the priests. Just don't do it around the old church ladies. They fuss about just everything.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would have to say that God has a sense of humor and can take anything any of us could dish out.

  • Lives7
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    I would have to know the context and environment of the joke. I would tread very light whenever you include God in ridicule or jest.

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    If God created the earth and all that is in it then he created humor. He must have created my sense of humor so it's his fault.

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    yes it is sinful, but when south park use jesus as a character i am lost as to take it offensively or to acknowledge they are using him just as a normal character because he is well known

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