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Would you abort a Down Syndrome tested child?

To be honest. This is more of an eye-opener than a question. I'm getting disgusted with the high percentages of abortions lately. Abortions should be rare and sad occasions.

Before I was born, I was tested positive for Down Syndrome. Not only this but I also had a VERY large head as well as an inverted Y chromosome. Everything pointed to the fact that I would be a very mutated baby, and wouldn't even be able to eat on my own.

On top of this, my mother was alone and could not take care of me. She was a super druggie, who developed SERIOUS schizophrenia. So I was put up for adoption and I was adopted at the age of one, whereas my siblings were taken care of by my grandmother who wasn't capable of taking care of a baby. So all in all, before my birth, my mother knew she couldn't take care of me.

My mother didn't abort me. And I'm here today, 17 years old, graduating school a year earlier than I normally would, and extremely intelligent in math and computer programming for my age. I'm not too happy with how my adoptive parents have treated me, though, but it's okay, I can live with it. My life is turning out fine. I was homeschooled for the first 6 years of my education because of this, then my adoptive mother found out I could eat on my own and talk and be just as normal as anyone else. I never had trouble making friends, but even so, real friends are hard to come by. Most "normal" kids these days are trash and the worst friends you could have. I have a beautiful girlfriend and she's the best thing that's ever happened to me and I intend on marrying this girl.

I was of the 0.2% that are tested wrong for Down Syndrome, and all the other predictions the doctors had about me. The only true prediction they had about me was the inverted Y chromosome, which has no known negative effects.

So I'm telling you now. Don't leave it to chance. And even if your child does have down syndrome, that is NO reason to terminate a child.

In fact, if you're going to get pregnant you need to assess the ENTIRE situation and all of the possibilities. Don't get pregnant if you don't think you can handle a Down Syndrome baby. And use proper birth control methods if you don't want to get pregnant, SERIOUSLY.

I'm fully and 100% against abortion. I think it is the most disgusting thing ever made.

In my mind, there are only 3 cases in which termination is OK.

1. Rape.

2. If it is known that the mother will die giving birth.

3. Maybe accidental unexpected UNDERAGE pregnancy (birth control failure, broken condom, etc. not that I promote sex outside of love)

And no, I don't believe in christianity or anything. My being against abortion is completely based on my life and what I've assessed as truly right and wrong by seeing the world around me and what makes sense and what doesn't, and not clouded by anything.

Let me be your reason for not aborting your child. The down syndrome test could be wrong. If you'd put your child's life on the line due to chance then you are in no condition to ever be a mother.

However I am by no means attacking anyone who has had an abortion. Unless you had one and it meant nothing to you. It's something that should make you bawl your eyes out. No PERSON would HAPPILY want to have an abortion, however some situations it is fine, but even still, it is NEVER a happy occasion. Anyone who can be happy about saying they got an abortion is just messed up. That's the same as smiling as you say you had a miscarriage.

It's not my job to judge you or tell you what to do, nor is it anyone else's. It's YOUR life and YOUR baby. I'm merely letting you know that doctors can be wrong, as well as my opinion on abortion for you to assess. Do what you will.

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    I wouldn't, I know Down Syndrome would be difficult to deal with, but by no means the worst thing that ever happened to somebody.Most people who I have been around who are afflicted with down syndrome, are some of the happiest campers around. And I was given that child for a reason. Abortion should not be used as an eraser. I personally don't believe in abortion, but I can not blame a girl or women who got raped or if they would die if they give birth and they chose to abort. But it's really hard to set guidelines to something like that. It's like you believe in it or you don't, but I can see both sides in very limited situations. But I am glad you were given a chance you are doing good things with your life. Keep it up!

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    I asked myself this same question a million times during this pregnancy because we were referred to a specialist. Our baby showed signs of downs syndrome in his ultrasound and they sounded pretty much convinced that he had it. When we went to the specialist we had an amnio done which is very accurate, as tests are much more accurate than they were 17 years ago. Waiting the 4 days it took for the results were painful, but before we recieved the results we had already decided we would keep the child regardless. Even if the baby had downs he deserved a happy life with parents who loved him. We even talked to other friends who have a child with downs and they both agree that having their baby was the best thing they ever did and they love their child so very much. The tests came back negative for downs but we still don't know if the baby will have other developmental issues at this point. I really don't care either. I know we will love and care for this baby the best we can.

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    well, to answer your question, no I would not abort. However, I would probably do the same as your mother and give the child up for adoption. I personally don't think I could handle raising a child with Down Syndrome and be a very good mother. So in the child's best interest I would adopt it out.

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    I agree with you. I don't think that people these days are being responsible. They just think that abortion is a form of birth control. People don't even look at it as murder. Even though I think that it is, because it is alive. Regardless of whether it starts out as a cell or not, it is still living tissue that is growing.

    I am not looking to start an argument or a debate here, everyone else is entitled to how they feel as am I. But I do agree that you are right. You sound extremely smart and well educated. Most doctors are quacks and dont know what they are talking about.

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  • Thats deep. Im sorry about your past..

    i would NEVER have an abortion. i am 18 and in my 7th month even though i may not have been ready for her or wanted a child yet i love her and am gonna do everything i can to be a great mommy to her. A child is a blessing and god wouldn't give you anything you couldn't handle.

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    No, I wouldn't be able to go through with it. I have loved all of my children with every piece of my heart from the moment I saw the positive lines on the tests. So personally, no, I couldn't. I also have had to deal with doctor's misdiagnoses and would not be able, with clear conscience be able to take their results as absolute fact. I know they can be wrong and I would never be able to live with myself knowing that the baby may have been normal.

    Even if the baby weren't normal, I wouldn't be able to abort.

    You have such a fantastic story, i hope you continue to share it and get the message out there. :)

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    it's weird that you are asking this because while i was prego i talked to my hubby about the same thing....I WOULD NOT ABORT. it would be VERY hard i know. i did say i would consider adoption though because i wouldn't know if i could handle it, Plus like you say there is always a possibility of the doc being wrong, and even if they werent a down syndrome child is still a blessing.

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    Abortion in the case of rape makes no sense. Since when do two wrongs make a right? It isn't that tiny baby's fault. Why punish it?

    As for accidental unexpected pregnancy at any age, doesn't make sense there either. Have the baby and give it up for adoption. Mother goes on with her life without a horrible nightmare of an atrocity of killing her own child to haunt her later when she grows her own brain, baby gets to live instead of being dissected to death until a horribly painful end, which is what abortion is.

    GOD should decide when life begins or ends. Nobody else. Medical care is okay, but murdering an unborn child to ultimately prevent inconveniencing oneself for any reason? Never.

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    I for one think abortion is nasty and wrong. those tests aren't always crystal clear. abortion is murder plain and simple . if you go through with this you killed a human being. even if the baby is born with down syndrome its still your child and i don't think you'd wanna kill something you created. it isn't fair to end its life because of a sickness anyway. well i hope you make the right decision and have a happy life .

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  • i have this woman on my myspace that post stuff on her Bulletin all the time and i love reading them and its weird that i read this cuz she just today posted this on hers..

    From: Let's all come together. Pro-life! (191557476)

    To: (116676200)

    Date: 6/25/2009 10:14:35 PM

    Subject: "What about a baby who is deformed/handicapped?"


    "What about a woman whose unborn baby is diagnosed as deformed or handicapped?"


    1. The doctor's diagnosis is sometimes wrong.

    2. The child's deformity is often minor.

    3. Medical tests for deformity may cause as many problems as they detect.

    4. Handicapped children are often happy, always precious, and usually delighted to be alive.

    5. Handicapped children are not social liabilities, and bright and "normal" people are not always social assets.

    6. Using dehumanizing language may change our thinking, but not the child's nature or value.

    7. Our society is hypocritical in its attitude toward handicapped children.

    8. The adverse psychological effects of abortion are significantly more traumatic for those who abort because of deformity.

    9. The arguments for killing a handicapped unborn child are valid only if they also apply to killing born people who are handicapped.

    10. Abortions due to probable handicaps rob the world of unique human beings who would significantly contribute to society.

    ** I want to share this true sad story with you for thoughts.

    In 1982 "Infant Doe" was born in Bloomington, Indiana. A routine operation could have corrected the birth defect that would not allow food to pass into his stomach. But his parents and their doctors decided to let him starve to death because he had Down's syndrome. When word got out that the baby was dying, a dozen families came forward and said they would gladly adopt him. His parents said no. Some in the media labeled them "courageous." Though it would cost them no money, time or effort to allow someone else to raise their child, the parents, their doctors, and the Supreme Court of Indiana said they had the right to allow the child to starve to death. Seven agonizing days after birth, he died.

    Some argue, "It is cruel to let a handicapped child be born to a miserable and meaningless life." We may define a meaningful life one way, but we should ask ourselves what is meaningful to the handicapped themselves?

    Let's not kid ourselves. When adults kill a handicapped child, preborn or born, we aren't doing it for his good, but for what we think is our own. We aren't preventing cruelty to the child--we're committing cruely to the child in order to prevent difficulty for ourselves!

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