Can anyone point me to a figure drawing workshop, class, or session near arlington heights, illinois?

I am looking for a nude figure drawing session, class, or workshop offered within 30 minutes of Arlington Heights, Illinois. I do know that Chicago has plenty to offer but the commute is an issue. Thank you for any help.

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    I'm not a local, but here are some places you could check. Start at the local community college. They may have figure drawing classes. A near-by university may have a day, usually on the weekend, where the students or others, who come in to work, pay a model. Ask some art students who study art there. Sometimes local art groups hire a model and work together, check around in local museums and galleries.

    Also, I'd advise you to post this in the travel section under the city that's closest to yours. You might get more locals responding to your question that way.

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    I do..properly Wheeling (suited by making use of lake Arlington). Why, what's up? and approximately that's popularity that's between the bigger suburbs around. I grew up in Buffalo Grove and went to Stevenson severe college..i like THIS place!

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    This was the best I could find and two of these are in Chicago, and the other's 40 miles away:

    But I agree with the other answer. There have to be places closer by. I would check the places she recommends.

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