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Is this a healthy breakfast.. and diet?

well i KNOW i am not fat, but my sport is starting so i wanna loose some weight and gain some muscle.

for breakfast so far im having 3 sunny side up eggs... usually only eat the yolk of 1.. 1 pieces of wheat toast with jelly.. and 2 cups of milk.

lunch: not sure what i should have yet.. help me fill this in. I was thinking something with chicken in it maybe?

dinner: salad with 1 egg, veggies thrown in.

snacks would be fruit.. i LOVE fruit!! haha.. and i excercise for 3 hours a day for tumbling/cheer/gymnastics.. 5 days a week.

yay or nay?? tell me what i can fix.. thanks!

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    breakfast: don't use any jelly and make sure the milk you are drinking is skim milk.

    lunch: chicken breast, veggies, if you like cottage cheese some of that.

    dinner: nice choice.

    snacks: good choice as well.

    all in all decent meal plan. just make sure you are getting enough protein.

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