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How can creationist belive in mirco but not marco evoultion?

Firstly ever notice how no scientist ever uses the terms mirco and marco evoultion

Why is it hard to see that marco evoultion is just alot of mirco evoultions put together


"Macro: Few times down you may get a horse."

Hmm if by a few you mean like a billion then yes

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    That's a good question I don't know why either.

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    They don't seem to understand that making that statement is a stupid as saying "I believe in the 400m but not the marathon".

    It's the same basic mechanism on a much grander scale.

    What it boils down to is they denied ALL evolution until the evidence for microevolution got to be too overpowering, then they admitted "Well, of COURSE microevolution occurs, it says so in the bible (and warp a passage to fit their aims) but that still doesn't explain MACRO-evolution"

    I predict that when the evidence for macro-evolution becomes too overpowering, they will suddenly decide "well of COURSE macroevolution occurs. It's predicted in the bible. But that still doesn't explain Abiogenesis"

    Throughout time, this is the dance we do. Religion denies a concept. Science proves said concept. Religion takes a step back, claims they knew it all along, and cites the NEXT unknown as proof of god.

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    I'm not a creationist, but i think it's just because when one thinks of micro evolution they think small changes, which is true, but when thinking of macro evolution, it can either be the amount of change in evolution over a long period of time, or a large change in evolution in a short period of time. So you get a definition problem.

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    Whenever I debate with a creationist about this, their argument basically boils down to "I don't believe in evolution, just that small changes can occur within species over time."

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  • not really. Micro evolution is the variation within the species: You have a rottweiler, few times down you may get a chihuahua. Macro: Few times down you may get a horse.

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    Well let's see, we can actually see examples of micro evolution but there is no proof of macro evolution. It is just a theory. Yes, I know many evolutionists would like to say it's a fact, but they have no proof.

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    The most important question is not how we were created, but who created us. I am a creationist and I believe on evolution.

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    Personally, I think Marco's just kinda creepy.

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    I don't know why. It's like saying meters are real but kilometers are impossible. It's kind of ridiculous.

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    It would be a really good practice to start reading your own questions before you send them.

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