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How do you fly long haul with a baby?

We're travelling from Europe to Japan to visit my wife's family with our 5 month old baby. We're really clueless about flying with a baby and have a couple of things worrying us.

1) Where does the baby go during the flight? Really on lap for the whole 14 hours? Don't planes have some kind of cot - thought I saw some that fold down from the bulkhead. Could be mistaken though.

2) If not, can we bring a car seat? We'll have to take one anyway as we'll be driving in Japan.

3) Is it worth paying the child fare (£400) rather than infant fare (£90) to guarantee a spare seat for baby?The flight is very cheap so I'd guess it won't be full.

Any other tips on travelling with a baby would be very much appreciated.

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    I'm a former Flight Attendant and I fly a lot internationally with my three children.

    The truth is that it is easier and more comfortable to have the baby in his or her own seat. Babies under 2 are allowed for commercial reasons and because air travel is so safe, there's little chance of anything going wrong. Parent save money, the airlines sell more tickets and everyone is long as nothing goes wrong!

    But there is a catch. A lot of airlines have funky rules regarding car seats. I've had mine taken away, forced to check them, etc. because they decided that my seat was of the "wrong" nationality. One company even outright banned all car seats from the cabin.

    In the U.S., if the parent buys a ticket for the baby and has a FAA approved (most sold there are) car seat, they have the right to use it. Car seat rules elsewhere in the world are a lot less precise.

    So before you buy a ticket for him or her, find out what their rules are regarding car seats on board. Find out specifically if the one you have will be accepted.

    It's really a bad idea to check car seats in as luggage. They could too easily be lost and/or damaged in the hold. If you can't use your seat, try to take it to the gate and have it "gate-checked". It's a bit better than checking it in as luggage.

    Some airlines do offer wall-mounted bassinets. These are convenient if you don't have a seat for your baby but are NO replacement for a car seat as far as safety is concerned.

    First try your airlines' website to see if they have that information. If not, try emailing the company. Email is better than phoning as you can print up the response and show it to anyone who tells you anything different.

    I have lots of tips on flying with babies. Nine years ago I wrote an article on this subject. It's based on both my personal and professional experience of flying with children. I go into more in-depth detail on feeding, packing, getting the car seat through the airport, etc.

    It's totally non-commercial and other parents from around the world have contributed;

    Have a good time in Japan and good luck being able to use your car seat on board!

    Source(s): Former Flight Attendant, 13 years, 2 companies, almost all long-haul international 3 children, now ages 9, 7 & 5, flying since each was 4 months old, between Europe and California about twice a year plus other shorter flights in between, regularily scheduled, low cost, charter, etc.
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    We took our daughter to Dominican when she was 8 months old 2006. She had to sit on our knee for the whole 10hr flight, paying the extra wasn't an option we were told for health & safety reasons under 2's were not allowed their own seat - we were also refused her car seat.

    Luckily there was enough of us to take it in turns. She's now 3 and we're givin Mexico a try later this yr - just hope she's as well behaved this time round:-)

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    Stick with the £90 fare. Request a bulkhead seat, that is at the front of a compartment and order a basinette (

    Depending on the airline, this will either sit on the floor at your feet, or fasten onto the bulkhead wall.

    Your leg space may be limited but it seems to be the most practical way for the baby to travel.

    OK, just got some thumbs down there. This is my experience travelling trans-Atlantic on KLM, Lufthansa, BA, American and Virgin.

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    Most international airliens charge 10 per cent for a lap baby. I would suggest before you book, go to and see if bassinets are available on the airline and aircraft type you want to f

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    i think of jointly as they're somewhat little, in the past they'd walk or flow slowly the 1st 2-5 months b/c all they do is devour and sleep a great variety of the time. I flew to montreal with my son who substitute into very very fussy and he did nicely on the airplane. in spite of the incontrovertible fact that, he did cry like loopy whilst the airplane have been given somewhat h igh up b/c of his ears. in case you do fly, attempt feeding the toddler whilst the airplane starts off to bypass extreme up so as that her or his ears dont harm. Im uncertain in case you would be allowed to feed in this time. It gets extra stable to shuttle as quickly as they'd flow slowly, walk, and communicate. the quicker in age the extra effective i think of. Ask the physician in case you are able to gve the youngster sme variety of sedation like young little ones benadryl or gravol to help the toddler relax in the process the airplane flight. it somewhat is beneficial to offer some tylenol if the toddler is in discomfort or ears would harm. communicate on your physician or seek for suggestion from with a pharmacist and notice what they say approximately drugs. yet from my journey, vacationing or flying substitute into easiest for the period of infancy.

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    i went london to Thailand on gulf air my baby was about the same as yours thy made up a Lovely cot gave him a cuddly toy and you could have as much milk and baby food as you wanted and your name was called and you got on the plane when it was empty same when you landed.on problems.BILL

    Source(s): dun it
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    If baby sits on your lap then you won't need to pay fare for your baby, airliners can be cruel so, no helpful things for your baby. You can bring a car seat, be sure tell airline that you are bring car seat. My tips for you: If baby cries; smack him/her.

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