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Can Babies fly on air planes?

I have a 1 month old baby and we are going to dallas to stay up there for 3 weeks to see her dad and i was wondering if they will let babies fly on air planes since my mom wont take us to dallas by driving itll only take 2 hours and she just wants us to fly and she said itll only take 30 min from houston to dallas and im just worried about her ears popping b/c of the elevation...i just want to know and if so will i be able to take her car seat in the plane.


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    yes...airlines allow babies older than 7days....for the ear popping issue you can give the baby a pacifier at take off and landing...have a safe flite..

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    Well if the babydaddy cared, he owuld come down and pick you huys up--come to think of it if he cared he would move down there with you.

    I dont know where you live, but if it is Houston it is far more than 2 hours to Dallas by car/

    But yes, babies can fly and yes it hurts there ears, but if you cared about your baby, you would have seen to it that she was adopted by a functional family.

    I dont know why the first poster said u cant put her car seat on the plane that is the safest thing to do, Buy a ticket for her and strap her into a car seat.

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    they wont let you put her car seat on the plane i'm pretty sure.they might have an alternative on'd need to check with your airline so that you'l know if your good to for ear popping, although its uncomfortable,it doesnt do any harm.the minimum age for a passenger to travel is of the each airline's discretion so they decide what age they feel is appropriate.your journey really isn't long just bring a few things to keep baby occupied.

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