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Do some Creationists actually believe that evolution states we came from monkeys?

It's really starting to worry me. While I know most of them are just trolls, some of them seemed convinced. Do you know of any Creationists out there who are that deluded?

I suppose it's a crazy world...,

Zac 117

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    I have met some that do, I used to do a Bible study with Pentacostals.

    I actually have met some that seem to believe that evolution means that one day a monkey turned into a human, or that one day a monkey gave birth to a fully modern human baby.

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    There are some people who have no idea what evolution is. They have just been told that it is wrong and they just accept that. There are many lies told about it as well. One of which is this monkey to man scenario. Many people just cannot figure out that apes and humans share a common ancestor.

    I have met a couple of people who would toss out that "If man evolved from monkeys then why are there still monkeys?" argument and act like they have completely stumped me. I go into an explanation of the common ancestors and they ignore it and keep asking that question over and over.

    We need to really boost our science education in schools. In biology, chemistry, physics, and geology.

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    I'm not sure why it takes delusion to see that we did in fact evolve from primates. God created the earth, and He created evolution.

    The two are not mutually exclusive.

    If you look at the Bible, the order of things created are exactly the same as how scientists believe evolution happened.

    In 7 days? No. Over ages? Yes. But still, the same story no matter what you believe.

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    Really? This is what evolutionists think creationists think about believing that evolution states we came from monkeys?

    Are you sure you do not think they think evolution states we came from mouse-like, lemur-like, ape-like, bacteria-like, common ancestors? Or do you just think that? How many brain cc's did you say you think creationists think you have? Isn't that the same as monkeys?

    Do you think creationists think that evolutionists believe they descended from a common mouse-like ancestor, therefore, they wonder are you a man or a mouse?

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    I believe that I have a pretty firm grasp of the theory of evolution…Which is why I’m so critical of it. On the flip side, how many evolutionists actually understand creation and all the science that supports it? Also, why do you believe that the earth is 4.5 billion years old when polonium pleochroic halos, the earth’s human population, the earth’s magnetic field, the amount of helium in the atmosphere, the saltiness of the oceans, the distance of the moon from the earth, and many other facts prove otherwise?

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    Well... we kind of did come from monkeys. If we saw our ancestors from 30 million years ago, we would call them monkeys, even though they have as little in common with modern monkeys as they do with us.

    "If you look at the Bible, the order of things created are exactly the same as how scientists believe evolution happened."


    The Bible says birds and fish were created before land animals. Um, no. Birds evolved from land animals, more than 200 million years after they first appeared.

    The Bible says land plants appeared before fish. Um, no. The oldest fish appeared at least 80 million years before the first land plants.

    The Bible says all land animals appeared at the same time. Um, no. Insects had colonized the land more than 60 million years before the first amphibians gave it a try.

    usw, usw, usw..

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    Ok, I'm not a Creationist and I thought we came from monkeys. It's too bad I was never actually taught evolution in school...I lived in the bible belt for too long.

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    And really, we did. The common ancestor we share with Old World monkeys (and further back, New World monkeys) would've been classified as a monkey (though they were not modern monkeys).

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    Dude: We DID evolve from monkeys/apes, and before that mice, and before that, single celled bacteria! The fact that the various intermediate types may or may not still exist in something that may resemble their original form is a different matter.

    The reason there are still other apes is that they managed to get by without evolving into humans.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I actually believe we came from the dust of the ground as the bible states. Same thing as you believe in. We have no missing links. A lot of them prove to be frauds or hoaxes to further the archaeologist career.

    Its basically the same thing you believe life came from. I say it came from the earth(ground earth) and you say your primordial ooze originated from the ground. It certainly didn't fall out the sky and suddenly appeared.

    There is a plethora of evidence for the existence of God and our true origins.

    list every missing link and explains what is fake and what is genuine.

    "Then the Lord God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being" (Genesis 2:7).

    Biology is my favorite subject. Just because I disagree with one part doesn't mean that I hate ALL science. I also believe descent with modification deals more with genetics than it does evolutionary origin. A lot of evidence for evolution is an assumption or deals more with genetics and the generation of alleles. I plan on majoring in it.

    Source(s): Liberal Christian Where in the bible does it say that God created EVERY SINGLE species individually? link talks about how professor faked the neanderthal.
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