If creationists believe that evolution states that humans came from monkeys...?

Then clearly you are not informed enough to make a decision on the topic. I see Christian creationists saying this a lot here and on other forums. What gives? Do you really think that this is what evolution is all about?
Update: Quote: "Oh and you forgot that big Bang came from nothing and Big Bang is the same Theory as Evolution."

Yet talking snakes and donkeys, enormous boats that can hold every species on the planet and men who can walk on water make perfect sense to you? Riiight.
Update 2: I know that you don't believe that, I'm just using your quote as an example.
Update 3: @Heavenbound: Theories do not think, feel or rationalize. A theory explains how things in nature operate. No scientists believes that the theory made us. You really have no idea how ignorant you are making yourself sound.
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