What is your definition of the word, "Love"?

So, think about it. There is not defining point to the word 'love' and the proof for this is that since it is an unexplainable feeling/word no two people have the same definition for it.

I want you (yes.... you, the person reading this topic) to tell me what you think the definition of love is.

Here is an example of what I want for my data analysis:

"Well, uhm, duuuhhh......

love is like, how you feel, like, when you know that you want to be in a relationship with a certain person forever. Or, like, maybe you can see yourself still with that person in 20 years..."

Thanks so much for helping me out.

I really want to figure out if multiple people have the same idea as to what the definition of "love" actually is.

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    love is DEFINITE to describe but INDEFINITE to measure..

    we describe love for what we already experience, through others, who already experience it etc. we give various definitions, different views about love but we still don't know what love is..

    for lovers example, the boy depicts his love to the girl by simply comparing her to beautiful things.. he can give things which are far from reach and can give his whole love to her..

    but the question.. how will you measure your love to someone..? is it by comparing her to the most beautiful flower in the world.. or comparing your love to the deepest sea that, that is too deep..

    we really don't know what love is .. we give definitions but when measuring it, we can't (or sometimes) measure it..

    this is only a view.. it may not be a fact.. but thats only a point of view.. i hope you all appreciate it. =)

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    4 years ago

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    Love is one of those things some philosopher think they can define but they can't because its all based on their, however informed, ultimatley subjective position.

    Even if everyone in the world except one person had the same definition of love, that wouldn't automatically make that one person wrong about love because their opinion is based on feelings that they experience personally. Its when you try to define love broadly based on other peoples emotions that you get an inadequate definition of love

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    The definition of love encompasses dozens of expressions of affection with varying degrees of intensity. Love includes feelings ranging from mild affection to intense sexual desire. Because love encompasses such a broad range of emotion, and may be related to so many people, places and things, the definition of love is unusually broad.

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  • Hi...Sou desu..mune ga arimasu keredo..B cup desu..Dou desu ka? Anatawa wa?

    Mune no naka ni 'Ai' ga afureteiru mitai ne! Subarashii desu! ^^

    Love is like a showering beautiful rays of sunshine of lasting bliss over your whole being..

    It sprinkles the eyes with mellow warmth of glowing light..

    That makes you see and touch the real beauty of each thing..

    It is an extraordinarily amazingly wonderful mystical feeling ever in its heights!

    Yet...It should only be pampered with great value and care as then to preserve to maintain the beautiful light it sheds to live within the heart of the being..

    To emit this gracious beauty by giving and sharing..

    And let not love be the cause of one's despair and misery..

    Only let Love prevail at all times..then to let it bear more Love and renew more Love, to spring more Love much beautiful than ever with each and every passing moment in time..

    Love endures..and Love perseveres..

    In eternity..with one's soul.

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    Love is trust, honesty, loyality, and uncertainity.... JK thats not love :)

    Love is... something we make up to feel good. Its a word people use when they wana express a sense of caring I guess...

    Like I love you just means I care alot for you basicaly...

    I think the movie matrix revolutions has a good def for love in it if you have seen that movie.

  • I try
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    1 decade ago

    I define love as an unexplainable, irrational connection with someone. Basically it comes down to this...if you would die so they could live, then you truly love them. It's completely irrational and pretty much defies science and logic, but it feels great.

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    Love is with no attachments, even to the person you love. Love, is doing what is best for whom you love, even when it involves letting go or dying for him or her.

    Before I get into complex paragraphs, let's put it in a nutshell.

    Love is Sacrifice without being saddened.

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    love is

    respect, suffering, compromise, butterflies in your tummy, comfortable, passionate, different every single time, familiarity, forgiveness, patience, sacrifice, need, desire, want, bliss, nervous, shy, confident, doing things you never expected but not regretting a moment of it, saying you're sorry, actually meaning it when you say you're sorry, like dancing in a storm of fireflies, that feeling that everything's going to be okay, sure, sometimes mistaken, childish, curious, wise, and most of all, absolutely necessary to your existence and mental well-being.

    Source(s): I'm engaged. I'm terrified. I'm excited. I'm in love.
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    strong emotions of care and passion from the heart for or towards another person.

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