Why do christians spend more time knocking evolution than knocking greedy hypocritical pastors/preachers?

Hardly on youtube is there a video BY CHRISTIANS exposing SPECIFICALLY fake healings, greedy charleton preachers, church atrocities etc etc
They seem to mainly focus SPECIFICALLY on evolution.
Update: christians that are not preachers etc and may feel rather powerless, SPEAK UP would ya's.
Update 2: @ God is Truth.
MILLIONS upon MILLIONS think the 'fake' religious nuts are speaking truth, and they represent your faith. One would think you would make more effort on the house cleaning than criticizing your neighbors lawn
Update 3: @ mr.indecisive09
speak of evolution ALL YOU LIKE, I just thought you would have some concern for how your religion is portrayed by your brethren
Update 4: @ Follows Jesus
You may need to re read the question
Update 5: @ God is Truth.
Thats nicey nice. So why dont you spend time EXPOSING them? Are not they the ones perverting the truth in your eyes??
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