Why do some people think it's worse to harm adult woman and children than it is to harm adult men?

I don't think you should harm any Innocent person. I don't like it when people harm an Innocent child and I don't like it when people harm an Innocent adult woman and I don't like it when people harm an Innocent adult man.

Some people think that it's worse to harm a woman than it is to harm a man. As a man this offends me. A woman is not more important than me just because she is a woman.

Some people think that it's worse to harm a child than it is to harm an adult. As an adult this offends me. A child is not more important than me just because they are a child.

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    The standard is not one of sexism; it's one of morals.

    A child is always defenseless against an adult, that's why it's "more wrong" for an adult to attack one.

    A woman is (usually) smaller and less powerful than a man, that's why it's "more wrong" for a man to attack a woman.

    However, it's also "more wrong" to attack a male child, or a defenseless grown man (elderly or disabled).

    It's not a matter of a woman or child being "more important." It's a matter of them being among those who are less able to defend themselves.

  • H4
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    In general people are more sickened etc. by harm to a child because the child is so innocent, and it's just more wrong...

    I agree it should be wrong to harm everybody, but if it's a certain type of attack, like just with fists, then most of the time a man is more easily able to defend himself against another man than a woman or child is.

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    1.Children cannot defend themselves and are portrayed and thought of as "innocent beings". Some people will try very hard to always do right by them, whereas other people will prey on their innocence and weakness. Childhood experiences make you what you are today.

    2. From the beginning of time women have been categorized as the weak and unintelligent. We have been merely maids and child-bearers. As the times changed we began to be seen equal but still weak. Most men are stronger than most women, as their bodies are built to do more strenuous labors, therefor it is not so much unfair but unethical to harm a woman. In my opinion, men that harm women are insecure, weak (have to fight females because they are too weak to fight males), and mentally sick. But, if a woman takes a man's place and hits first than you should do what you have to, to disarm her or simply make her stop. That is in no way saying that you should beat her constantly because you just feel like it or are mad at someone.

    I myself will not harm anyone unless a situation arrives where there is no way out with my life.

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    This is very true. You hear it all the time. I think usually it is because most of the offenders you hear are men, but there are women who do just the same.

    No one person is more important than another, supposedly we are all created equal. But it's not necessarily something that people always remember.

    The only thing is that children are looked upon as innocent since they haven't commited sins or know half the things we adults have learned. Hence the innnocence. They are not more important persay, just more innocent (usually) Lol.

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  • 1 decade ago

    a grown man can defend himself, so can a grown woman, however a child cannot. I definitely see the difference there. You really cannot?

    People that harm innocent children are sick, and that is important

  • 1 decade ago

    Unlike yourself-Most men acknowledge that women + children are more precious than themselves. Especially children. Were you one of the guy's on the TITANIC that pushed away women and children just to get in a lifeboat? OF COURSE NOT--but in a similar situation I bet you would. TINY TIM??-IT FITS

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    because woman are known as the weaker sex and children are just innocent thats why thats what society belives and stands by

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