Do some of you Christians on here realize that you're turning people away from Christianity?

I don't know if you realize this, but calling people names and being rude and hateful actually makes people look down upon you, and sets a poor example for your faith when you claim to be a 'good' Christian.

Personally, if people like *cough*someone whose name starts with a B...*cough* are good Christians, I would never want to be one. I would rather be kind to my fellow human beings than be condescending and rude like some of the Christians here, acting as if their religion makes them better than everyone else, and calling atheists worthless.

I understand that these people I'm addressing are going to justify their rudeness by saying that you're just doing it out of 'love'... a completely nonsense answer, though it is, and use their religion as a free pass to treat people badly and call it justified, never even taking the time to think about how poorly they treat others or care, so now I'll just prepare for a handful of answers calling me a hateful atheist, even though I'm not, and missing the whole point.

The question, truly, is what would you say if you got to heaven, and Jesus asked you why you treated people so poorly, and through your example looked poorly upon him and Christianity?


Buddy, Seriously? Where in here did I say that? You just have this thing about being mean to anyone who is not a Christian. I would love it if some of the Christians here could be kinder and more like Christ himself, but you just seem to be content to stick your fingers in your ears and automatically tear into me for no reason whatsoever. You are exactly the type of person whom I'm talking about.

Update 2:

I don't understand why most of the answers from Christians here are saying that I hate Christians, when I never said anything of the sort.

I think that if more people acted like the Christians they claim to be, then the world would be better. Love and tolerance is a great message, and I never said anything contrary. I'm just disturbed by the number of people who claim to be Christian, but don't act it.

Why does everyone assume I hate Christians, just because I'm just hoping a few of them can become a bit kinder?

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    I've often wondered this myself, but perhaps those type of Christians are just really trolls in disguise. I've gotten to know a few very kind sincere Christians on R&S...I'd love to see more people like that here.


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    I am a Christian and I am nice and I am not rude unless I have to be. Yes there are people who say they are Christians and I often wonder about them,but I know many Christians that I think do live a Christian life as best they can. I don't like condescending and rude people religious or not. No one is better than anyone else rich or poor. So I know he want ask me that when I get there. So I"ll just say so happy to be here,can I work with the animals. And maybe say something like wow what a beautiful world you made and people just made a mess of it. I just wish I could have seen it all!

    Source(s): Oh and I do my best to not judge others because I do not know their heart and we are not suppose to judge. I just avoid rude people of any religion.
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    The following of Christ in our lives is based on a very difficult blend. We all can say we follow the bible as the truth and the light in our lives. However this is not true, if we did, then every Christian would be offended at the slightest things that offend God, Christ or break the rules laid down by the bible, we would not be purchasing electronics or driving cars. Truth is everyone unfortunately blends their life with Christ and their life in the real world interacting with other people so that they both work in harmony, but not many people do this successfully. Its about the balance, and its about forgiving those who do not understand that balance and employ it in their own lives.

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    There's blunt rudeness on all sides of the discussions on here so I don't think it is solely coming from any one group.

    Many who post on here are trolls who pretend they are believers/ non believers who get a rise out of stirring things up.

    The "Christians" who do post rude and obnoxious answers are not representatives of the majority of Christians out there. I'm tempted to use the "no true Scottsman" fallacy by saying that they are not "true" Christians but will abstain from saying so because I generally afford people the benefit of the doubt with regards to their self assigned labels.

    Besides, what is the true litmus test of determining a "true" Christian anyway?

    If one goes by the "fruits" then Christians are a varied group of folks who hold different versions of their professed religion so I won't go there.

    Now with regards to non trolls who really believe what they profess and are rude in their methods, there are some that really do not care if their message offends and many of them are up front about the fact since they hold that their "job" is to warn people from impending doom of an eternal hell.

    Sort of like rudely yelling out that there's a fire where the message supersedes any manors or etiquette in doing so.

    Sadly however, such methods just continue to give good Christians a black eye and a bad name.

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    Generally speaking the Christians are better behaved on R & S that the pagans or atheists (IMO). I hope you will post a similar question or rant when atheists engage in name calling or insults. But somehow, I don't think you will. You are only bothered when your group gets flamed. Pretty typical human, actually. Some atheists are really cool and some are immature jerks. You seem like one of the cool ones, so I apologize if some Christians insulted or offended you.

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    "For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them." Ephesians 2:10 "in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets." Matthew 7:12

    Christianity does NOT give anyone the right to treat others badly. Jesus overturned the tables of vendors in the temple, but only because they were misusing his temple that was supposed to be for worship only. Half or more of people who tell everyone that they are christians, are really not. Don't look at what they say, look at what they do. Actions speak louder than words.

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    I'm a Christian and yes, I do agree with you on this particular point. There are many Christians who go around and treat others badly. There are many who go around judging the entire world. Yes, they are setting a horrible example and yes, if I wasn't a Christian and I looked in, yes, I wouldn't want to be one either. However, not all Christians are this way. In fact, there are also many Christians who are loving and who don't judge other. Christians such as them led me to see that not all Christians are judgmental and 'holy cows'.

    Well... I'm a Christian. However, I am friends with a few people who would be considered in our society as 'the misfits'. I'm friends with people who many people, not just Christians, would, in a way, shy away from. So... you can't really put a stamp on all Christians and say that they are all, 'holy cows' or 'judgmental prats' because not all of them aren... Those who do, are a real embarrassment to the faith and are doing the opposite of what we are supposed to.

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    I'm thinking you need to go back through the questions again and look at the answers from the atheists and agnostics; talk about attitude. No one ever said Christians are perfect. We get our feelings hurt like others, we feel the need to defend our beliefs when we are offended. We live in the same world as everyone else with all its faults and our own. Christians are perfect; we just saved.

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    well if i got into heaven Jesus wouldn't ask me that question for once you reach salvation, your cleansed from your sins and Jesus doesnt hold grudges. and 2ndly i dont treat ppl poorly by calling them names or anything. The problem with this situation is that u are addressing to those Christians who claim to be Christians, but don't act like it. Although there are many like that, I myself is guilty of that at times too, there are also alot who act righteous and do the right thing too.

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    Guess you were asleep when the atheist were posting all their nasty, rude, condescending remarks to christians? sometimes we do it just to show you how it feels, why do you think atheist are the only ones that can be disrespectful and get away with it? we would probably say nothing at all about them if they were not here day after day trying to bait us with their insults,so if they shut up so will we.

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    I do not know how to teach but with anger. What I see really bugs me with the way my family in christ walk and I am insulted by their faith and lack of it, and their love for their dust family's. It just really insults me. I was always brought up with a man should love a woman, to find out man only loves dust, and they do not love at all. So I am insulted, and do not know how to preach it with a smile. Even when I do preach with a smile I get the same results.

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