This question is about transmission Its a 350 turbo hydromatic. well the rear roller clutch went out .?

The body is all messed up. well I have a spare Tran. but the valve body need to be exchanged. The mechanic told me that he did a shift kit will i need to do some thing to the transmission Body to compensate for this

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  • 1 decade ago
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    A shift kit is just some modifications to valve body valving, and spring strengths to improve shift firmness and shift points. This shouldn't be any issue to your valve body swap over whatsoever.

    When you do the swap- just take care to copy where all the bits go.

  • ken k
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    1 decade ago

    i rebuilt turbo 350s when they came out under warranty for gm/same with powerglide and turbo 400/ but i dont know what the hell you are talking about/ that gibberish you are speaking is that english??

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