cheap gaming computer (like under 650 usd)?

im only 14, but im earning about 3 dollars a day w/o doing much, so, i just need to know, my current one is crap, im happy if i pass the "minimal" nowadays, when my computer was new, heck, buy any game, the worst that happened was my PC was too power full and had to shut down the main vid. card and stuff.. now, it sucks, its running XP service pack 2 (i can get 3 for free, but i don't bother to) and i want to run stuff like Assassin's creed... i mean, when you do a stress test on your computer, and all but the sound card had a big red fail on it, you know your computer sucks.. so anyways, seen some, but, im only 14, i don't have a true job, most work i do is for free... also, i don't have the time or knowledge to use sites like newegg, i can code, but not assemble, so, budget gaming computer, what you guys got?

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  • Melv H
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    1 decade ago
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    Dell Inspiron 530 with a quad core (Q8200, 4MB cache, 2.33GHz) is currently $449,

    Select the optional Q9400 processor (6MB cache, 2.66 GHz) for $100 more = $549.

    With a quad core, the Inspiron 530 comes with a pretty good 350W power supply (rated for 25A combined on the +12V rails).

    When you get the computer, immediately upgrade the video card yourself.

    A Radeon 4770 is a brand-new 40nm card design, very fast, with comparatively low power consumption.

    SAPPHIRE 100277L, Radeon HD 4770, $99.99,

    Thus, there's your $650 gaming PC: $449 for Dell Inspiron 530 quad core; $100 more for the optional Q9400 (2.66 GHz) CPU; then install the Radeon 4770 yourself ($100 more), as soon as you get the computer.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I can't give you an entire build to look at, but I can show you a few really good parts.

    As for your CPU, it depends. Do you want futureproofing? If yes, then go with an AMD Phenom II X3 720. It's a really good bang for your buck CPU. If you don't care about future proofing, go with a dual core. A really good cheap dual core would be an AMD Athlon X2 7850.

    As for your graphics card, you have one and only one option. The ATI Radeon HD 4770 is by far the best graphics card in the $100 or less price range. There's seriously no other card that even comes close for the price range.

    That's all I got. By the way, I see you're already familiar with newegg, so if you want pricing on these parts, check it out for yourself.

    Happy computer building :3

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You best bet is to build it yourself. You're 14 so building a gaming pc is a good experience and well help you understand how they work. The more you learn now, the better you can spot great details later on.

    I built a $300 gaming pc that will run all steam games, Far Cry 2 on high settings and many, many other games. Most of the parts are used and were bought off sellers found on who were looking to get rid of them and the new parts like ram, power supply were bought off websites that provide free shipping to avoid the cost.

    Also, if you are going to build a gaming pc under $650 bucks then you may as well learn how to overclock to get the most out of your hardware.

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  • 1 decade ago

    First, get a DVD drive, SATA interface. Should run you about $30.

    Antec 300 Case is great:

    Phenom II triple core... best deal on the market right now

    Hard drive is pretty self explanatory. Try to get one with at 32mb cache if you can... but a 16 would be okay. Aim for 75 bucks and you should be able to get 750 Gb capacity.

    Memory: Geil Black Dragon... lightning fast timings. Wow, what a deal

    Motherboard: This is only a suggestion, ATX makes it easy to plugin and the 790 is a decent chipset, although a 790 FX would be nice

    Powersupply: a 650 watt or more would be more than enough. Modularity would help you out in the build. 75 bucks, give or take. Do NOT skimp on this... I speak from experience. Mushkin makes a great PSU. Quality! Read the ratings!

    Video Card: Radeon 4870 1gb, overclocked

    That should be about it. Don't get a sound card. This thing will actually rip apart anything you throw at it, don't be fooled by the price. Need help assembling feel free to email me - and good luck man! I took the plunge when I was your age, but dropped like 2.5 k so.... lol less risk ftw.

    Keep in mind Vista's another 100 bucks, so use your XP license till Windows 7 comes out around christmas.

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  • 1 decade ago

    got to Alienware.You can build a new gaming computer for under $600 and they are customizable.

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