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I might be moving to Russia?

This is my situation: My parents are split. My mom lives in Russia and I live with my dad in the United States. I have been living in the U.S.A my entire life. I am a current Junior in High School.

My dad wants to send me to live with my mom, next year, which would be my senior year of High School.

I'm really concerned, though, because I heard Russian High School goes up to only Grade 11. Where would that put me? I don't speak Russian, so I doubt I'd be ready for a college there.

Help, I'm really nervous about this and I don't know what would become of me there. I still want to go to University in the U.S.A, as well.


It's not that *I* want to move there. My dad wants to send me there because he "can't deal with me". It's a long story.

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    moving to russia would be a bad idea right now. You should complete high school then move because you'd be done and then you can start college abroad. If yo want to learn russian try rossetta stone or try a class at a local college.

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