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Can Anyone ever replace your mother?

my mom died four years ago when i was 10 now i am 14 i still think about her .My dad is dating and i was wondering can woman ever replace your mother?Although i dont get along with her she is very nice to me and my siblings.The reason why i am asking this is because my friend told me that she can replace my mother and the pain of my mother's death four years ago will go away because i have a female in my life i can talk and look up to?

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    She cannot replace your mother. You will always miss her and want her there. That does not mean that you should keep all other women out of your life. You will miss out that way. You have room in your heart for her too. You do not say why you don't get along with her. If dating your father is what bothers you, give her a chance. She is only there because your mother is not.

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    No, your friend was wrong to say that. Your mom cannot ever be replaced, nor will the pain go away because there is another woman. My mom died when I was 6, I'm 18 now. I still think about her occasionally and definitely still miss her. It's not wrong for your dad to date and find another person, though. And it's great that she's nice to you and your siblings. It's understandable that you don't get along with her or don't really like her. If he stays with her, hopefully in time you will warm up to her. But she won't replace your mother. She didn't give birth to you, or nurse you, or raise you in your childhood. Only your mother did, and no one can change that.

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    I don't think anyone can replace your mother, but I feel that having a nice woman in your life is a good thing. I think this woman will help some of the pain your feeling about losing your mom. I hope things work out well for you.

    Source(s): My dad passed away and I know how hard losing a parent is.
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    No one can ever replace your mother you only have one. With that said I am referring to your birth mother only, anyone can be a mother to you even if you do not feel comfortable calling them mom. You need to not compare her to your mom or expect her to be a replacement. Look at her as a friend at first while you get to know her. Until they are married I would not refer to her as a mom in any situation so if it does not work out you are not hurt as much again. If you feel they will marry and you start feeling comfortable with her I would ask that you and her spend the day together alone and talk to her about your feelings and ask her about hers. If you want to call her by something other than her first name explain that to her or talk about something other than what you called your mom. Remember your mom will always be with you in your heart and I am sure you know that she would want you to be happy and content in your life.

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    I never had a mother of my own - long story - basically - I had several mothers to help me - they were the mothers of my friends because my "real mother" refused to look after me and my sisters.

    Your's is a different situation though. I don't think your dad's gf will ever replace what you had with your mother, but she can be a "mother figure" for you.

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    NO ONE can ever replace your mother. BUT someone can also be a mother like figure to you, in which she can do the things that your MOTHER could have done for you if she is still alive. Don't hesitate to accept people in your life just like your father's gf, But also don't try to replace your real mother, because she is irreplaceable. YOU COULD BE Friends with your father's gf, and that would be very cool of you.

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    A mother is a mother by bond, not by blood. It can happen, you can find a confidant and role model to look up to and talk with and to be your surrogate mother.

    Losing a parent is never easy, but you know they wouldn't want you living any less of a life or being restricted of anything because of it. I'm sure your mother would want you to make the best of your situation.

    You may also find a good friend helps too (I pray if you do he/she has a good head on his/her shoulders).

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    I am so sorry to hear about your mother.

    Truth is i don't believe anyone can every really replace your mother.

    you can have a mother figure someone to look up to and who can give you advice.

    But the pain of losing your mother will always be there, it will fade but never completely dissapear.

    Don't shut yourself off because you think you cant have another mother.

    because being a teenage girl can require a female elder to help you along.

    Hope all is well.

    My heart goes out to you.

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    Even it had past some years. I really sorry to hear this. But in my mind :I think your mother is can not replace by someone. Whatever how many year she went away. She will live in your heart forever. And about you father had dating with another woman. It's nothing. Every man have his wanting.including you. I guess you are grow up now! Maybe you can understand it. Something you just need remember it in your heart. Like you ,you are so lucky you have a stepmother to love you.she put you in her heart.Whatever .we need love in every where. For you mother you just put her in you deep heart. A place which nobady can touch it. Then you should treasure your love with your stepmother. That's why you are living in this world! 'Cause we need love from everyone.

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    To tell you the truth No one on this earth can replace your mum, but staying with a good person can help you recover. You shouldn't be thinking too much about her let her rest well. You should always remember that all of us are on a journey. For now all you can do is acept her & just respect her as your second mum give her also a chance.

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