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Does this ever happen to you when you dream?

I find that a lot of my dreams feel so real that when I wake up it seems like it really happened. It's kinda weird when it does cause it affects my mood and my mind gets stuck on it for the rest of the day. Does this ever happen to anyone else?


When I have dreams like that, it's either a really scary, creepy dream, or a really good dream. Like in one scary dream I had something was attacking me, trying to pull me down by my legs and when I woke up my legs felt all tingly like something really grabbed them.

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    It has actually happened to me several times. My parents are divorced now and when me, my mom, and my little brother moved to Maryland after the separation, 3 nights in a row, I had nightmares about my father dying or us growing very far apart. When I woke from them, I wasn't sure if it was reality or just a nightmare. The problem was, I wasn't able to just go see my father lying in bed or sitting at the table. I began to panic and was sobbing, and it took a little while for my mother to calm me down and convince me it wasn't real.

    I also had a nightmare about my boyfriend going into the army. Looking back, the way the dream was set up really made no sense to me. But the morning I woke up from that nightmare, I called him and I told him about the nightmare and asked him, "Baby, you're not going into the army, right?" I was scared to death! He said, "I don't think you really have to worry about something like that. I don't think they're going to pick me to go into the army.

    LOL, it terrifies me when I have nightmares that I wake up from and don't know if they're real or not. But it's definately happened to me before.

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    occurs to me all of the time. maximum objectives carry deep symbolic meaning. Even the main retarded objectives could have a sturdy meaning. What you expierenced replaced right into a lucid dream, which in basic terms potential you're conscious which you're dreaming. To dream which you're flying potential you have obtainable risen above a undeniable challenge and no have finished administration over it. It has to do which incorporate your capacity, or possibly it potential you have broken loose from some thing, or at a intense think approximately your existence.

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    yeah i got a few examples for you

    when i was younger and was in school almost every night i had a dream where i woke up in the morning and got ready for school and then i woke up and was really annoyed with myself because i had to do it all again... lol

    my sister once had a dream that her husband was cheating on her, she stayed in a mood with him all day until she realized that it was just a dream

    i was out drinking one time and wen i got home and went to sleep i had a dream that i found loads of money in a nightclub it was so vivid and felt so real and i was absolutely devastated when i realized it was only a dream

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    hardly dream lately,, but i do know what your talking about.say for instance..u dreamt you saw your partner kissing someone else,,when you wake up its fresh in your head and you question was that real, should i worry it may become a real thing,, its weird hey,, i rekon we travel into different times in our dreams we are in contact with the unknown and anything can happen, why do we dream?

    have we lived that moment before?

    will this dream become real?

    is this dream a sign?


    wonder what you been dreaming about then for it affect your modd... i know ive dreamt this silly notion of cheating and when you awake from it al your mood isnt quite right,,,you ask yourself why did i dream this?

    dreams are another state of mind where our imagination can take us.

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    Yes it does. You dream when your mind is remembering things, so if something happened and you dream about it it probably seems more real.

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    That happens to me. It is called lucid dreaming. I used to think i was going crazy. I feel or taste everything that happens to me in the dream. they can be strange.

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    It happens to me ALOT. My dreams are really random sometimes, so it gets me thinking about it and what happend in my dream. It's stuck in your mind because you were thinking about it when you dream. I think it's completly normal, nothing to worry about :).

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    yup this happenes to me but i usually snap out of it bc its just a dream

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    its happened to me the past week , its aggravating ;

    i need some closure !

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    yes i hate those dreams...

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