how to get rid of that last bit of flab on my stomach?

hello,im 14 and last year I was a lasy couch potato and fairly over weight. then I got serious with my body and starting taking drastic measures,swimming 6 hours a day,starvation diets,and lots and lots of abs,flexing them,crunching them and who knows hard work has paid off,however im still not content with my figure i have the first two abs and i can see the outline of my bottom 4 clearly,I have a v shape bellow my last to. i recently got the iron gym and it works really im so impressed with how fast the results came,any ways when i sit down rolls of flab build up and the abs tend to disapear but when i stand up and extend my skin there clearly question is how do i achieve my six pack and shed that last bit of flab,what should i eat?if i had to describe my self im pretty slender but im kind of a skinnt fat.any help would be nice and preferably under a month because prom is coming;) many thanks to everyone.


anerexia my dick...i eat extremley frequently and have a high metabolism so im pretty sure thats not the not really skinny im fairly muscular just trying to figure a way out to complete the transformation completly since ive been lazy latley.and thanks you for the other answer i aprreicate it.

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    you need to see a doctor, you are anerexic or something.

    starving yourself is not okay. i shouldnt tell you but im going to

    first off when u lean over that will always happen it does with everyone, if it didnt you wouldnt have enough skin to stand up. but if you want to define your muscles more then lay flat on the floor and lift your legs held together up and down.

    but im serious, it is not good for your body to starve yourself, you should be careful remember that there is no such thing as a perfect body, and be careful!

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    i understand what your saying "you just want rid of the last bit of fat and then you will be happy, your not going to go overboard"

    you should get a ..slender tone... i have one for my stomach and one for my thighs, they are great no effort required so you can take a break and get some energy to flaunt you beautiful bod at ur prom!!

    but stop using it for a couple of days b4 ur prom because it seems like it makes your muscles tense permanently and it looks like your bloated but a couple of days and it will wear off and you abs will be perfect

    X <3 :)

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    How long have you been trying to work it off?

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    exercise or liposuction

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