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Get ketchup from empty bottle?

How can I get the ketcup/salsa/ and mustard out of a nearly empty bottle? I tried leaving them upside down but I can still see stuff in them.

Also does relish go bad? I "inherited" some from my roommate (bought sometime before July) and I just opened it and it's all watery.


I'm not pinching pennies ; I just hate wasting food. .... except that 1 time my buddies & i threw eggs at a bus. :P

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    Saw the empty bottle and use a spoon?

    Shake the relish and if it's still watery throw it away.

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    The only way to get every drop of ketchup, mustard or even mayo out of the bottles is to cut them open, but at the price of the ketchup and mustard you are being an awfully big penny-pincher. Most people don't take the time, but before dispensing any ketchup or mustard shake it very well, there are liquids that do separate but is okay if you forget. I just like to shake them because you know then the flavors are also mixed right. Now to the relish, on the container it will have a best used by or open before date on it. If the date is still good then it should be okay, you need to stir the relish to mix the liquid back into it. Also some relishes brands just have more liquid in them. Remember to put any opened condiments into the fridge once opened.

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    you have to put a little bit of water and shake it all around if you really want the last drop.

    it's not like you can't go pick up a handful of ketchup packets at Jack In the Box and keep them in the refrig in a ziplock bag (for backup).

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    Use McDonald's ketchup and then either put water in it...And yes relish is so bad!

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    This guy in UK will tell you but pls don't tell them.

    Put some VINEGAR in and dance around and shake it all about. It works.

    sling the relish away and buy some fresh

    Source(s): I haven't got the sauce, the guy asking the Q has.
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    add a drop of water but only a drop

    dont know bout the relish

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    turn upside down for a bit them take off the cap and get some ketchup out with a knife

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    How about those ketchups you get from McDonalds? Those you have to peel then spray.

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    Buy a new bottle, or go to McDonalds if you can't afford it.

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    just buy a new one... or go to like mcdonalds and steal some =)

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