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How to make a background of an image transparent?


Let's say, i scan an image. I drew smth on a white paper and then scanned it. How do i make that image's background transparent?

I only have a programme called Seashore, no photoshop :(

Help me! It's urgenttttt.

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    You can use GIMP! It's free!

    There are 3 ways you can accomplish removal of a background:



    1. Open your Picture.

    2. Make sure to Add Transparency to your layer (so you can make portions of it transparent). LAYER >> TRANSPARENCY >> ADD ALPHA TO CHANNEL:

    3. Click "Select by Color" and then click on the background color (white in your case):

    4. Select EDIT >> CUT to remove the white from the picture:

    5. Save your picture.



    If you have parts of your picture that are White (that you WANT to keep) the above solution will not work because ALL white will be removed from the picture, so follow these steps to remove only what you WANT:

    1. Same as above

    2. Same as above

    3. Same as above

    4. Select the ERASER tool and brush size and erase the white that you want to remove from your picture. Since you have already selected the colour WHITE, you can safely draw over any non-white portions WITHOUT removing them:

    5. When you've finished, save your picture.



    The third way is to use a LAYER mask to remove what you don't want in the picture:

    1. Open the image. In the Layers tab of your toolbox, right click on the image and select 'add layer mask':

    2. In the next dialog, select 'white (full opacity)':

    3. Now you can freely use your brush and the colours black and white to remove or restore parts of your image WITHOUT affecting (yet) the original image:

    Use your brush and BLACK to remove parts of the image (make the area(s) transparent):

    Use your brush and WHITE to correct any mistakes you make. Using WHITE will restore parts of the image that you may have accidentally deleted. This is good for cleaning up and sharpening up your layer mask:

    4. When you have everything as you like it (removed all the parts you don't want in the image) and it looks nice, you are ready to APPLY the changes to your image. RIGHT CLICK on the layer in your toolbox and select "apply layer mask":

    Voila! You're done! Save your work and pat yourself on the back.

    Source(s): Hope this helps :)
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  • Donna
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    4 years ago

    Actually if I had the actual blue background you can make the background of the image the same color..... Email me.

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  • Anonymous
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    delete every 2nd pixel?

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