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Including credits on a cover letter?

I've recently been working on a few short stories and have been considering submitting to various fiction magazines.

I've never published before but I don't particularly want to lead with that in a cover letter. Would it be appropriate to mention that I'm an English undergraduate and that I've taken two Creative Writing courses with a published and best-selling author?

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  • Bolt
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    1 decade ago
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    Many agents advise that if you don't have publishing credits, leave that out of the letter. Don't inflate or create credits, either.

    That you are an undergrad in English is part of your personal information, not publishing credits.

    Don't name drop. Taking courses with a best selling author is only impressive to students, not to the business world. Schools pay a lot to authors to teach there as part of it's marketing to attract students. An editor won't care because it doesn't tell him if you learned anything in the class. What counts is the quality of the work you sent.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Honestly? I wouldn't mention being an English undergrad or that you've taken two Creative Writing courses with a best-selling author. It not only looks like you're trying too hard, it looks like you're trying to name drop in the hopes it'll somehow make you more important.

    Wow them with the work you have done and are in the process of completing. Name dropping is tacky at best and if somehow they got in contact with the author there is no guarantee he/she will remember you.

    You don't need to explain your naivete or lack of publishing credit. Just write your letters as if you are a pro and show them you have what it takes.

    Best of luck to you!

  • I would, with all the things that a magazines get that people want published you have to have something that will stand out and make them want to publish your stories. I would also through in the name of the person you took the class with. Anything to impress them and give them a reason to read the stories.

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