My cat wont stop scratching.?

I have a large cat and he can do quite a bit of damage. He's 16 lbs of pure muscle, no fat or fur. He will not stop scratching! I have tried the double sided tape, he just moved to a spot where the tape wasn't. I spray anti-scratch spray, he just waits till it dries, I got a spray bottle with water, and he just got used to being sprayed in the face even. I've even gotten 3 different scratch pads with cat-nip on it. I live in an apt so I know he has a limited amount of space but he actually put a hole in my couch! I just know if I get those claw covers he'll rip them off in a second. I am going crazy! What should I do, is there another spray someone can recommend? I am going crazy. The worst part is that he waits until he thinks I am asleep at night before he does most of the damage. Please I need help. Getting rid of him or declawing is not an option but there has to be something to stop him. Nothing has worked so far.

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    The idea isn't to make your cat stop scratching, but to give her a place she can scratch. Cats need to scratch to keep their claws in good shape, to mark their territory with scent glands in their feet, and to stretch their muscles. It is natural behavior that shouldn't be punished at all! If you give her a nice tall (at least two feet high) scratching post she will most likely use it, happily. Posts covered in sisal rope are great, but my cats like the kind covered in carpet. A tall cat tree near a window would be even better.

    You can try sprinkling it with catnip to attract her to it. If that doesn't work, use your own nails to scratch at the post while your cat is watching. It may sound silly, but it works. Any time you catch her scratching the “wrong” thing, don’t get mad and yell, just gently carry her to the post. If she still doesn’t seem to catch on, you can gently pick up her paws and rub them along the post. You should not force her; the point is to show her. Doing so will deposit her scent on the post, which should make her want to scratch it later on.

    Cats that have been yelled at each time they are caught scratching will be more reluctant to use the post in front of you, at first. This is why it’s important to praise her immediately. You could also try spraying a cat repellant, (you can find at just about any pet store) on the furniture or carpet where she scratches. When you observe her using the post, give her lots of verbal praise and attention. Speak in a tone of voice that you would use to praise a child; she will understand. If she still refuses to use the scratching post you have provided, then you need to try a different kind. Try something taller, like a cat tree. The kinds with several different textures are great because each cat is different.

    Trimming your cat’s claws can benefit both of you. If your cat ever snuggles up to you and starts kneading on your leg, then you probably know that this can actually be a painful experience! A regular trimming will end your pain. Cats with sharp claws can also accidentally hurt you while playing. So, learning how to trim your cat’s claws can be very helpful.

    If your cat has never had a "pedicure," then you’re going to need to get her used to having her feet touched, first. Many cats dislike having their toes messed with, but if you start when your cat is young it will be easier on both of you. While petting your cat, casually glide your hand down her legs and feet. Once she is tolerant of that, use your fingers to gently squeeze her paw until the claws are exposed. When she will let you do this without struggling, then you’re ready! Be sure that each step of the way you are reassuring and praising her for being such a good kitty.

    I’ve heard people say that wrapping their cat in a towel is helpful to maintain control and avoid getting scratched. It’s a good idea if you are a first-time-trimmer, and your cat’s claws are razor sharp. When preparing your cat, try to be as calm as possible. Feeding your cat a nice hearty meal beforehand should help. Kitties with full bellies are a lot less likely to put up a fight.

    Be aware that if you are nervous, your cat will most certainly pick up on that, and become nervous, herself. Take it slow, and realize that even if you only manage clipping one nail, you have made progress! Don’t be discouraged if it takes a few days to get to all of them. Always reward her with treats and lots of affection.

    Use cat claw trimmers and only take off a tiny bit at the end of the nail. Some people say to do it every other week. I think it‘s safer to cut off less than you are told, and to do it more often, (like once a week). Never use trimmers that are made for humans or dogs, because you are more likely to hurt her that way. You can ask your vet or groomer to show you the proper way to do it. Here's a website that shows you how:

    I hope that helps. Good luck!

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    She's still a baby, and by this butt smacking you're encouraging her by making her think that when she scratches you will immediately be there and a game will start. Stop hitting her, which is what you are doing no matter how you disguise it, same goes for spraying her, it does no good and it'll make her flinch from you. Make sure she has a tall scratching post and a flat pad too. When she goes to scratch, pick her up, carry her to the scratching post, show her what you want her to do and praise her if she so much as touches it with her claws, make it a pleasure for her to use it by rubbing cat nip into it and by spending time with her around the post playing with toys and scratching at the post (you do it as well). Interact with her, don't let her become bored and above all give her loads and loads of praise and cuddles when she uses the post Ug

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    Well, you can try leavng the cat in an area of the house where it will be comfortable and there is nothing that they will scratch that you like.

    For example I have 2 cats and my funiture is ok. when I leave home or go to work they are in the basement.

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    Say goodbye to your furniture, thats all you can do. Maybe get a small mat made of carpet and put it near his tray or food. Catnip does bugger all. They often scratch to mark their territory so he will just keep doing it. What about a scratching Tree (the ones where he can climb onto them - he might like that) You can get ones that fit in the corner of the room at various heights/platforms.

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    Try the Soft Claws. (soak in tobasco first)

    go to the carpet store and ask for scraps of carpet...(commercial is best)

    then put them (wrong side out) around the house and on the couch etc. where he scratches now...

    for some reason cats LOVE the back side of carpet and will use that First ...

    If you e-mail me I will tell you another way to deal with it.

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    Is it a 2 legged cat ?

    The only way to get the cat from scratching is to get ride of it.Get ride of the problem. Look at the damage it is doing. You could feed some poor children . Why are you wasting money on animals.

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    Wow, sounds like my cats, but I can't use the water bottle thing because the are used to it. They messed up a lot of my stuff, but I gave it time with me telling them NO and getting up and showing what they did is wrong and little by little it is stopping.

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    Try buying a scratch post or take it to dah vet and ask what u can do to help ur cat stop scratching things.

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    you never mentioned a cat scratching post, why.

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    Maybe he has a flea or a rash? Take him to the vet.

    I hope he feels better! :)

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