At what age is it appropriate to tell your children the truth about Santa, easter bunny, tooth fairy etc?

I'm contemplating telling my young son the truth about all of these, and was just looking for opinions of others. I told my daughter the truth around the same age, and everything worked out, and actually she already knew, but really didn't want me to confirm it at first. She thought it would take the fun out of it. Please get back to me soon.

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    Best at least before they start school.. When I was in the 6th grade we found out that a girl really believed In Santa. To this day I still feel sorry for her as every one had a lot of fun laughing at her (wasn't fun for her). That was also finding out about Santa in such a way. For your child's sake, don't do something like this.

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    It is my belief that you should be honest with them from the beginning. If you are a person who believes in God think of it like this...You have a child, at 3 or 4 years old you have raised them to think The Easter Bunny, Santa, The Tooth Fairy and Jesus/God are all real. All intangible right? Then one day, when you see fit, you say "ok, santa, the easter bunny, the tooth fairy, they were all made up, just pretend, but Jesus/God, he is real." How are they supposed to believe you? Also, it does take away from the true meaning of those holidays (if you let it get out of control) I have 5 KIDS. Ages 4 to 15. The older ones thank me for not lying to them about it. The young ones know the truth as well. In our house, our kids know the truth. Regarding the tooth fairy, when my kids lose a tooth, they come with the tooth in hand, "Mom, I've lost a tooth, how much will you give me for it?" I think it's great :)

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    My parents let me believe as long I wanted to. I found out when I was about 7, but I continued to believe for the fun of it. I never really formally spoke with my parents about santa and such. I plan to do the same for my children.

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    If I have kids I will tell them about santa and stuff but let them know it's just for fun as soon as they are old enough to understand. I'll tell them if they want to believe in it thats fine because there are fully grown people that pray to invisible things all the time.

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    I think age 8 is basically okay with me- I learned that the Easter Bunny (aka "Peter Cottontail") was really Mom and Dad in disguise at age 8 myself. - Super Steve

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    Well for me personally my parents did not tell me anything. As you get older you figure it out eventually. Most kids don't want parents to tell them because they like to play along with it. I still get Easter baskets even though I know that the Easter Bunny is not real.

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    I never lied from the first place. We get our patterns of trust & why start someone off with not trusting & being suspicous of whether someone is the truth or a lie or if it is ok to tell a lie? I say the sooner the better but if you have another child I suggest you try to not lie from the begining.

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    When they stop believing. My parents told me they would come as long as I believed. Boy I never stopped believing!!!!

    They will learn at school.


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    I'm not entirely sure myself. The wife and I have talked about it, and we figure that when one of them starts to figure it out, we won't try to talk them out of it, and we'll come clean.

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    when they start to really doubt it is real

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