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If we're not supposed to shampoo every day, what are we supposed to do if our hair is super oily?

I've heard it's bad to wash our hair every day, but I can't not wash it, cause then my hair gets really greasy and gross. Is there a better solution besides shampoo or baby powder that could replace washing my hair every day, like on the weekends?

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    I was JUST reading an article on this. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?story...

    basically, yes, your hair will be greasy at first because when we wash it, we strip our hair of the beneficial oil.

    but you just have to give your hair a chance. people have comments on the bottom of the article.

    also, you can always condition your hair instead of shampooing it. that helps the hair, not strip the hair of the sebum.

    I'm going to try washing my hair now 2 to 3 times a week. b/c really, that's what we should be doing.

    one girl in the comments had long hair to her butt and she only washed it every sunday. but it was in great condition. it was soft and it wasnt greasy all the way up to the next sunday when she washed it.

    though, i do think in the summer, when we are around chlorine, you really shouldnt let that sit in your hair. Thus, it sorta just rules out the whole 'only 2 to three times a week'

    also, if you workout and get really sweaty...ill admit, i have worked out before and then later didnt wash my hair. I put in leave in conditioner. But i smelled my hair and got someone else to, and it smelled fine.

    but sometimes, it just doesnt after a workout and you need that shampoo.

    who knows, maybe there, conditioner will just suffice as well. just as long as the hair doesnt stink after and looks fine.

    also, I have heard of ppl for the 'no shampoo movement(also in the article) about using baking soda and vinegar in place of shampoo and only using that twice a week.

    oh, and btw, i only found this question b/c i was trying to figure out on google if i should wash my hair twice a week or three times a week.


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    It all depends on your hair type. I'm the same way, I know girls that only need to wash their hair every other to every 2 days because they have such dry hair. We don't have that problem. While it is "healthier" to not wash everyday, we simply can't do that. However we can be a little better about washing our hair everyday.

    To help it stay less oily longer, use a clarifying shampoo (preferably pH balanced) or a shampoo especially meant for oily hair (it will tell you on the bottle) but be prepared that you may have to spend some extra money. Use less conditioner, or only condition ever other day, that will also help with less oil and residue. If it is excessive, you can talk to your doctor about a medicated shampoo he/she can prescribe (that's what my mother has to use.) Also, do not brush your hair constantly or frequently, you're only spreading the oil throughout the strands of your hair.

    Try asking your hair stylist next time you get a cut or style, I'm sure they deal with that everyday and know exactly what specific products will work best for you :)

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    I have the same issue.. I wash my hair every night on week days, but weekends I tend not to at all.. Cuz I don't usually go out then. But you could try using a spray in "dry shampoo".. I find that helps for those "inbetween" days.. But I shouldn't worry.. If your washing it everyday it will only damage the ends, so make sure you use a good conditioner.. ONLY on ends though as you have oily hair. Good luck :)

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    When people tell you not to shampoo every day, they mean just that: Don't use shampoo everyday. You can use hair rinses to combat oily scalp. The oil you are experiencing is your scalp normal production of oils, if your scalp is overly oily you may need to examine your hairs overall health. Anywho, try making a chamomile tea for your hair using the best grade of chamomile flowers or a good commercial tea. Steep the tea as if you were going to drink it let cool a bit. Pour it on your hair, rinse well. And seriously add honey, it will add shine. Many natural hair care forums swear by this method.

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    If your hair really is oily, then wash it everyday. The idea is that you wash your hair as often as it needs to be washed, just not more. Or, if it's just greasy at the roots, like mine then just wash it at the roots. Or used a dry shampoo to absorb the excess oil.


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    If you have oily hair you can wash it every day. You only have to wait if you have dry like mine and end up looking like scarecrow if you wash it too often. There are certain brands of shampoo that say they are good for washing every day. You might want to look for those. I know they sell some at Walmart.

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    If you decide to wash your hair every other day, then just sprinkle some baby powder into the roots of your hair and shake your hand through. This will absorb the excess oil and give you a sweet smell.

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    It's only bad to wash your hair every day IF you have Naturally DRY hair. If you have naturally oily hair, You have to wash your hair everyday. Your hair produces too much oil to be washed out.

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    i shampoo my hair every single day . u can do that if u have super oily hair . but then makes sure that u use a hair mask every now and then ,,, like a mixture of yogurt and honey or lime juice , or milk . these r natural conditioners . u can use them thrice a week or so .

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    I heard this too. One way to get around this is using two different shampoos. Every other day switch shampoos. That way your hair doesn't get used to just one shampoo. Make sure your shampoo is moisturizing. And don't condition your hair everyday. I'd say for oily hair condition your hair 3 times a week.

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