Is anyone else troubled by how rude some creationists can be about scientists?

I'm kind of astounded that people would actually say that a person who has devoted perhaps decades of their lives to something that the attacker doesn't even have the common decency to even spend five minutes googling, is just an idiot.

I mean, it's one thing to have questions, but another entirely to spout accusations of incompetency and lack of intelligence. Must others go to their job and harass them? Is that really the mature, honest thing to do?

It's certainly one thing to believe something, another entirely to be hateful, rude, and arrogant toward others about it. I'm not sure I've seen a handful of questions or answers from creationists that were not rude or hateful toward others. Kudos to those that stay kind and honest.

I think it's terribly sad that some of those that claim to follow a loving, just God must resort to accusations, name-calling, and treating your fellow human beings terribly.


Edward, since when does the actions of one group validate the same intolerance and rudeness from another? Saying "he started it!" does not invalidate anything.

Rather than justify the point, you avoid the problem. It's no different than saying, "well HE ran the stop sign, so I get to too."

Update 2:

Once, again. I have no interest in 'he started it' arguments. However you word it, it's childish.

My question is not about atheists. I never mentioned them once. I'm not even an atheist. You just insist upon bringing it up.

Please, keep in mind context. I'm asking about a specific occurance. If I wanted to ask about rude atheists I would have mentioned it. I understand that they exist, but that is not the point of the question.

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    1 decade ago
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    The answer seems to be all GOOD christians and the major christian churches!!

    The Pope, Catholic Church, Church of England and mainstream churches all accept evolution and the big bang!!

    Lord Carey the former Archbishop of Canterbury put it rather well – “Creationism is the fruit of a fundamentalist approach to scripture, ignoring scholarship and critical learning, and confusing different understandings of truth”!!

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    1 decade ago

    I don't think most scientists really care what creationists say. They ignore them completely, in the same way that NASA ignores the flying saucer freaks or the US coast guard ignores stories about the Bermuda triangle.

    However some scientists from biology, geology and a few related fields have taken an interest. You may not be aware of it but since the 1980s at least there has been an informal network of scientists in various countries that keep a casual eye on the more prominent creationists including Ken Ham, Carl Baugh, Dr. Duane Gish, Henry Morris, Dr. Carl Wieland and many others.

    This little network has investigated the claims of some creationists to science or theology degrees and found them to be genuine, exaggerated, from unaccredited institutions or even purchased by mail order. In some cases the "degrees" have been given by institutions that the creationist has had a financial interest in and are "honorary".

    This sort of investigation goes right back into the 1950s.

    They also take time to refute the claims of creationists in books and in places like the "Talk Origins" site. This has taken the form of polite refutations in most cases but in others scientist have directly accused creationists of lying, particularly when they repeat material that has long been refuted or use their well worn batteries of distorted quotes.

    A few scientists now do not tolerate creationists at all. They will tell the creationist that he or she is either a fool or a fraud right off the bat.

    Saves time.

    EDIT - There are probably very few scientists on Yahoo Answers in this section. There are a few professional astronomers who turn up on Astronomy and Space and doubtless other scientific sections but most would consider R & S a waste of time.

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    1 decade ago

    I'm a Creationist and I'm fully open to the Evolutionistic debates. I'd love to hear what they believe. I would love to do research on their theory and test it against my beliefs.

    Some evolutionists are extremely rude too, though! Isn't science supposed to be about taking a bunch of little theories and testing them to prove them true?

    Many people I know have been fired from being a scientist simply because they suggested in research papers that there "Divine Intervention" may have had something to do with the beginning of Earth.

    I understand where you're getting at and I fully agree, but here's the thing. Like I've said, scientists are the SAME way. My own physics teacher was telling me about how she was harassed in college. Her teacher believed in Evolution and EVERY DAY he would stand her and the other Creationists up and yell at them, mock them, and laugh. He never let them have a say at their own beliefs. He just laughed at them!

    I think there needs to be an equality to both sides. Each side needs to present their case calmly and then do the research to challenge and test the beliefs.

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    1 decade ago

    Chelz: I don't know if you have noticed this but you probably won't find a handful of questions or answers from ANY type of person on here that is not hateful, rude etc.

    It comes from all sides and often I think it is in response to someone else having been rude to them. It is a on going things around here.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I totally agree. I am a Christian and Christians who are not accepting of other people's beliefs really disgust me, and they make Christians look bad. It's immature of them, and they shouldn't do it. But then again, no one said Christians are perfect. Neither are Atheists. It would be very nice if all religions could get along and respect each other's opinions, but it has never been that way and it never will be.

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    1 decade ago

    I notice that lots of people don't know the difference between the truth and their opinions about the truth. Somebody very wise once told me that "In being refuted, a wise man is cured of an error, and an unwise man is robbed of an opinion."

  • 1 decade ago

    There is a difference between a mind that is open and freely investigating reality, on the one hand; and one that has been hypnotized into believing things that he doesn't understand. The latter mind is tense because it has to defend its lie, its entire integrity. It's a mind in denial.

    Stevie Wonder: When you believe in things that you don't understand, then you suffer......SUPERSTITION.

  • 4 years ago

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    Your joking right? The comments I read in here on a daily basis from atheists make Christians look as innocent as babies. Sure I have read a few arrogant and mean spirited posts from Christians but they no where come near to the daily assault of questions and statements saying Christians are dumb, the should read a book, they are retards, they are brainwashed, they only say what their preacher tells them to, and when we post a question they can't answer instead of just admitting it they snottily say you only asked that here rather than the science section because you don't want an answer. We are asked what degrees we have, do we even know how to read, do we believe in intelligent falling, are we causing the hindrance of scientific research, why we don't reject cars if we don't believe in science? and on and on and on? So please try and take an open minded approach and see the other side of it.;_ylt=Ap... and;_ylt=Aj... and;_ylt=At... and;_ylt=An... Edit: You didn't read my answer through. I said sure some Christians have behaved badly, but by comparison it is minute. I really think you should be focusing on removing the log form the eye of those who come here for one purpose then you will be in a better position to help those remove the speck from their eye. yet I don't hear you scolding them.;_ylt=At... Edit: You are the one adding to the problem. It's like a group of Nazi's picking on a Jew and the Jew gets mad and fights back then they accuse him of being the instigator of violence. and;_ylt=Ap... and;_ylt=Ak... and;_ylt=Am... and;_ylt=An... and;_ylt=Ar... Edit: Yes the context is you are scolding the ones who have reacted to all the abuse that is hurled on them constantly. I am not saying reacting is good, but it is human. If you cut us do we not bleed? I'm not happy about it but sometimes I am tempted to react as well. If the people running this website were involved they would be editing out the garbage that they list in their outline as violations. But more often than not they just look the other way or give the same repeat offenders new accounts. Some of them boast about having multiple accounts. Edit to Ken E. There are plenty of credited old earth scientists who are creationists. And some of them believe in evolution and others have brought up much valid question and pointed out problems with evolutionary theory. Contrary to the suggestion that ID is from the bible it was actually based on a book by a agnostic Michael Denton. The title being evolution a theory in crisis. And it is documented the pressure put on those who question evolution. They often are victims of those who set out to destroy them if they have any success. One small example is when one Id writer manages to get an article peer reviewed. They set out to destroy the career of the person who allowed it. What is even more appalling is the material in the article was mostly used from evolutionary scientists. This is the article here. Here is an article by the person who allowed the article to be published documenting his treatment. It is not uncommon. And people wonder why in this atmosphere more people don't confess their belief in ID. I present plenty of evidence to support ideas presented and refute false statements that have been made by Darwinists. They simply thumb me down and offer no counter point.

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