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Mercedes, BMW, or Acura?

im looking for a good coupe/roadster for a fair price, so ive narrowed it down to a 1997-2004 Mercedes SLK, a 1997-? BMW Z3, or any year Acura RSX. im liking the mercedes right now, just cause its cheap and its fast, and its light with its super charged 4 cylinder. what do you guys think? and are there any other out there besides the boring looking mazda miata and honda s2000 that are worth the money? make some suggestions...

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    if you buy one of those euopean cars, i hope you have the money to fix them. the mercedes slk your looking at all the ones in that generation are sh*t. the bmw z3 is one of the ugliest cars ever made and I'm just flat out not liking the RSK.

    cars like those are over-engineered and a lot of little things go wrong you need to get fixed and the $ adds up fast, especially on cars that old.

    The Mazda miata is ugly and boring indeed. the only winner you picked is the honda s2000 they look and feel amazing to drive. hondas have great engines, probably the best on the planet. I would take a honda 2000 over any of those cars every single time. for performance, reliability, gas, looks, personal prefrence and every other category.

    ON TOP of this....

    im not even really a honda fan. I love BMW's I drive a 2005 black 330CI convertible.

    it's just the other cars are kind of crappy and are going to fall apart on you and/or they are just flat out hideous

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    Unfortunately it's precise what they are saying approximately BMW and Mercedes. They make lovely automobiles however they don't seem to be as safe because the Acura and the Lexus. Acura is made via Honda, that's the satisfactory corporation EVER. Lexus is via Toyota, that's similarly pleasant. I'm now not definite approximately the resale importance being low on Mercedes or BMW due to the fact so far as I recognize they each preserve their importance particularly good. If you might have the cash to pay for the upkeep then you should not fear, but when now not do not waste it slow on a automobile so that they can be within the store too in most cases.

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    Good choice apart from the merc! The DC-5 Acura would be my choice. BMW z3 are budget machines..just drive a z4 and you'll know what I mean. If you wanted to go as old as a z3 I would sooner pick up a toyota st205 gt-four!

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    I'm a bmw nut, but between these i have to say the rsx if you're going to tune or modify it. If not, Z3 all the way. BTW that SLK shares parts with Chrysler cars so beware...

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