How hot can the temperature of an office be legally?

At this moment the office is 98 degrees fahrenheit. It's a small office and lately the temp has been anywhere from 85-90 degrees fahrenheit. I live in the United States in Chicago Illinois. It's nearly impossible to concentrate and I've been feeling sick because of the heat. We have an indoor thermometer reading this. They say there is nothing they can do about it because the building owners don't turn on the air conditioner until it's officially Spring. Is this legal or is there anything I can do about it?

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    98 degrees may be uncomfortable, but it's not a health hazard. It's perfectly legal.

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    There is no regulation about the indoor temperature unless it becomes a health hazard, which 98 is not as many people who work in factories in the northern states work in much hotter temperatures. Many heating and cooling systems are set to switch based on a specific date, which means often the company cannot over ride this. So although you might not be comfortable, there is nothing illegal about working is a warm office. Just remember there are many people who work hard labor in more extreme temperatures that you are whining about. For now deal with it or find another job.

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    Sorry - don't know about the law applicable where you are but, in the UK, you would have to show the temperature posed a threat to your health and safety. We do have a minimum acceptable temperature but not a max. Any business wants its employees to be as productive as possible so I would have thought your employer would want to put some pressure on the building owner to be sensible about the air-con. If it makes you more comfortable and productive, it makes the business more profitable. It's a no brainer. You can only keep trying until you find which ever boss is using the corporate brain-cell this week.

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    There is no OSHA or federal law governing employment temperatures.

    Talk to Labor relatiosn board; but it's probably a waste of time here from that standpoint. More of an owner/tenant issue.

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  • 4 years ago

    I dont truly imagine its a male/woman component. each and every now and then human beings are in simple terms warm or chilly natured. how about this, attempt to get you a own fan. that ought to wish that ought to truly help you alot, in simple terms sitting on your table. thay are in effortless words about $7 at walmart yet to respond to your question, no there is not any legal place of work temparure. with the exception of a health facility.

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