Ever had a Kidney Infection before?

My doctor diagnosed me with a kidney infection and I'm feeling awful. I'm wondering about other people's experiences with having a kidney infection- how were you feeling, for how long, what kind of symptoms... How able you were to go about your day normally. I'm on antibiotics and since starting them the horrible fevers have mostly subsided but otherwise I still feel gross.

Thanks for your help!

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    When I was 19..I had a rather serious kidney infection. I didn't realize what was going on..the first symptoms I noticed were some fatigue,slight pain/discomfort in my mid lower back. My infection hit me all at once....I woke up at 11:45 one night...and felt like I was going to die! I went to the bathroom...but could not hold it in..I bled very,very heavily....there was no urine....I went to the ER, where they got it under control. I was on antibiotics for a while,and I too felt gross lol. I was weak and tired, and I dreaded going to the bathroom. But after a week or two on the meds,it cleared up. I couldn't have sex for like 2 months. The first few days were the hardest, I didn't really eat much, I had lots of water. I did have a high fever at first...which went down atfer a days or two..I vomited pretty violently...it was awful.Doing daily things was uncomfortable at first but got easier...like standing for more than 10 minutes...was really hard for me.I'm still not exactly sure how it got so bad so quickly.Also..my mid-lower back area,as well as my lower abdomen,where my bladder is,was very tender feeling. I hope I was able to help you. I hope you get better soon...I know how awful these things can be. Good luck! =) *Hugs*

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    Hi! The kidney contamination used to be the purpose the document gave you antibiotics. This kills well micro organism within the vaginal canal and yeast grows which explanations the yeast infections. I regularly consume a million cup yogurt with energetic cultures an afternoon or a probiotic combination tablet.(Avon's Flat Stomach) That maintains the vaginal canal healthful and staves yeast infections. Your kidneys are on your low again and that is in which you will have to suppose agony. Kidney stones are 10 occasions extra painfull and you are going to see a sand variety stuff in discharge. All of it isn't a laugh! Stay clear of colas and such a lot pop beverages. When our guys got here again from the core east, they suffered with kidney disorders and the medical professionals mentioned it used to be from tender beverages--Pepsi--that they have been despatched. Drink a million or two six ounce glasses of cranberry juice (not more or you are going to have belly agony) and mostly beer is helping. You will se remedy in a couple of days so long as you do what the physician says. Put a thermal % to your again and I desire you well success!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I had one when I was about 10 years old. The pain was so bad I couldn't go to school. When I went to the doctor and was given antibiotics, I felt completely better after a week.

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    I couldn't just sit around and do nothing like my doctors suggested.

    They didn't want me to do anything or to take herbs or herbal remedies, but I had to try something - they just wanted me to do dialysis!

    This program allowed me to take control of my health. I went from Stage 4 to Stage 3 kidney disease.

    It was easy to do and my BUN, creatinine and anemia are all in better ranges.

    Reversing Your Kidney Disease?

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    completely normal. I'm just getting over yet another nasty kidney infection. This one was the worst yet. However, I had no fever or vomiting like I usually do. I went from a UTI to a full blown kidney infection in a few days.

    Did your doctor send your urine off to be cultured? The lab will grow the bacteria and determine which antibiotic will best kill it. I'm on Cipro right now. After 10 days or so, you should return to your doctor for a re-test.

    Give yourself some time and rest as much as possible. If you don't feel better in a few days, contact your doctor.


    You can take steps to reduce your risk of kidney infection. Women, in particular, may benefit from these suggestions:

    Drink plenty of fluids, especially water. Drinking plenty of liquids can help remove bacteria from your body when you urinate. In particular, cranberry juice may have infection-fighting properties. However, don't drink cranberry juice if you're taking the blood-thinning medication warfarin (Coumadin). Possible interactions between warfarin and cranberry juice can lead to bleeding.

    Urinate frequently. Avoid holding back when you feel the urge to void.

    Empty your bladder after intercourse. Urinating as soon as possible after intercourse helps to clear bacteria from the urethra, reducing your risk of infection. Also, drink a full glass of water to help flush bacteria from your urinary system.

    Shower rather than bathe. If you're susceptible to infections, taking a shower instead of a tub bath can help prevent excess moisture that can contribute to infection.

    Wipe carefully. For women, wiping from front to back after urinating and after a bowel movement helps to prevent bacteria in your anal region from spreading to your urethra.

    Wash gently. Wash the skin around your vagina and anus carefully every day. But don't use harsh soaps or wash vigorously. The delicate skin around these areas can become irritated.

    Avoid using feminine products in your genital area. Using feminine products, such as deodorant sprays or douches, in your genital area can irritate your urethra.

    Lifestyle and home remedies

    These tips may help to reduce pain or discomfort as you recover from kidney infection:

    Try heat. Place a heating pad on your abdomen, back or side to reduce feelings of pressure or pain.

    Use pain medicine. For fever or discomfort, take a nonaspirin pain reliever that contains acetaminophen (Tylenol, others) as directed by your doctor, or take a prescription medication that he or she provides.

    Stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of fluids will help to flush bacteria from your urinary tract. Avoid citrus juices, coffee, alcohol and soft drinks with caffeine until your infection has cleared. These products can aggravate your frequent or urgent need to urinate.

    If you have recurrent kidney infections, let your doctor know. Together, you can develop a strategy to reduce recurrences.

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