Fellow theists, a challenge?

I'm getting a bit tired of all the nonsense going on in here, not to mention all the people who claim to believe in a loving god cursing at atheists and absolutely harassing them.

So some of you wonder why people make fun of your questions and/or answers, and just chalk it up to them being mean, but truly that is not always the case. Some of you make some terrible leaps of logic and just plain make things up.

So my challenge to you is to not violate a single logical fallacy for one week on Y!A and see if you don't get treated better, because quite honestly, I don't get made fun of nearly as much as some of you and it's mostly from other theists making fun of me for pointing out holes in their argument.

Here's a link to an explanation of logical fallacies and the types:


If you're just going to say that you don't need to use logic and reason, then I'm sorry but you kind of deserve it then. I'm a fan of intelligent discourse and I believe you have to be intellectually honest to even begin to do that.


Mythos, if you've been logical, that's fine and that's all I care about. There are d-bags that are atheists too.

Have you seriously not seen some of the questions here? Questions where I truly hope it's an 8 year-old asking, not a supposedly educated adult?

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    Always look for good debate and do try in all cases to back up my propositions. As far as leaps in logic and checking out the brain, I've seen this from all sides of religious debate. Honestly though, I usually get it from the atheist and some of the come backs are all so intelligent like:

    That's just silly.

    All Christians are uneducated. (Funny, I personally know Christians who are scientist, geologist, philosophers, teachers, authors and so on. And when I give names and credentials, they blow them off).

    And of course the; well that's your view. (Again when I back it up, either no response or some backhanded comment.)

    Look as far as God or gods go, if that's your thing fine. I'll be polite in my disagreement, but what does anyone expect when you put out a proposition? Is everyone suppose to agree with you? That's not the purpose of this forum. But I totally agree people need to be civil about what other believe in even if it is the great cosmic mushroom.

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    non secular individuals can be smart, whether they're waiting to on no account be rational. that's possible to be smart and ignorant whilst, which describes smart theists. I even have an inclination to be quite smart, and that i grew to become into Christian. The reason I observed the religion grew to become into as quickly as subject of "going to Hell" and that i might desire to now no longer enable myself to remember that there may well be no God, through fact the that grew to become into as quickly as a "sin". that's form of self-explanatory what I mean through this (as in, whoever 'wrote' Christianity (or another faith) had in ideas that as a fashion to hold individuals following it, it might desire to might desire to be designed like a charm to in that "God" might learn your ideas, pay interest you're thinking Atheism/Agnosticism, and subtract some "Heaven-factors"). besides, (a million. the final public of the sector a minimum of pretends to conform with a faith. (2. i don't be responsive to any, each and each theist I comprehend is way less smart than me, whether, i'm now no longer very almost that many theists. ^^

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    God bless your efforts, Chelz. Call me a pessimist, but the people who make the worst logical leaps and fallacies will never read that link, or understand half of it if they do.

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    i'm very new to this section, but in my short time here i've been under the impression that there was some sort of contract that neither theists nor atheists on this section are required to use logic. it's not in the FAQ for this section?

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    Listen, if you have Done All of the Spiritual Things that I have Done in The Past:

    all you have to Do Then, IS---Tell The Truth (The Word of GOD---WHO Is Jesus, and Jesus IS in The Bible).

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    I'm sure you know that I have your back.

    So, calling yourself a theist? Interesting.

    An intelligent one I see.

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    Who appointed you the conscience of R&S?

    If someone in here (especially an atheist) gets nasty with me, I'm going to return the volley.

    Most of the time, reason and logic have nothing to do with the arrogant comments atheists make, so if you want to champion non-logical ad hominen attacks by atheists against Christians, have at it.

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    I knew there were smart theists.

    Source(s): THANK YOU.
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