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After a divorce, is it hard to start dating again?

Being out of the dating scene for a while, is it hard to start dating? I'm just not use to dating, is that normal?

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    When you meet someone, try not to think of that person as your next life partner; think of her/him as a prospective friend, instead. Have fun, smile, laugh, give yourself a chance to have a good time. Be yourself and don't try so hard to impress. Wait until you're ready to go out, but don't expect people to come knocking at your door, either. It might be a little hard at first, but once you do it more than once, you start to feel more comfortable and less stressed about it. Give yourself some time to start dating. I'd start going out and making friends at different places, before thinking of actually putting myself in the dating scene again.

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    Let me give you the #1 most important piece of advice- If you like someone as more than "friends with benefits", do not sleep with them until you have been on at least 10 dates. If you do, you won't be seeing that person much more. Only on weekend late nights.

    As someone who's never been married, I can say that the bar is a meat market and you are sure to get some dates at the bar. But the quality of dates from the bar is few and far between.

    I met my bf at a bar 4 years ago though, but met a lot of idiots there also.

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    Force yourself to get out there and meet people. It is hard, after a divorce to start dating again but I did it. I really didn't want another relationship for over two years, and I did date but it took a long time before I could trust anyone again. I'm remarried and happier than I have ever been.

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    Having a hard time dating is normal after a dirvorce. Sometimes hader for some than others. Especially when you have been with someone for so long, it's hard to picture yourself with someone else. So you may not be ready to date other people. Meet people, have fun, make sure to keep your mind off the divorce and what could have been because the fact you got a divorce, as hard as it seems, it was never meant to be. I wish you well, and good luck with your situation.

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    I was divorced and it was hard for me to get back in the dating scene. I hardly did the club scene I dated guys from work that never worked out. Then I tried online dating and that's where I found my husband.

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    No, just wait until you're ready (no sentimental baggage, please) and try a couple of internet sites. First look at many profiles and see more or less what kind of person you're looking for, and think of how you would like to introduce yourself. Then join the sites for a little fee and jump into the pool. It's a lot of fun, there are very nice, incredible people out there looking for a partner. Take things easy, little by little. You're gonna go on many dates, and you might find a wonderful friend and lover, or at least have a good time and go out with someone you like.

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    It took me 2 years to start dating again...And I am glad I waited because I was not ready anyway...It is hard but the internet has some good dating sites and that is where I met my husband now 10 years ago...Also has a great site and people on there have been cheated on, lied to , and are very serious about finding someone faithful...Look around and be careful..Always meet in a public place, and always let someone know your going on a date with someone you met on a dating site. Give their handle name to that person...But dating online was good for me....Better then sitting in a bar.... really meet some interesting people....

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    It depends some people go crazy and others have a hard time getting out of the house. what was different for me was that I was older than the normal dating scene, it was harder to find someone you just need to go places where its easy to meet people, and not sure if you are a man or woman but either way buy a harley youll always have friends!

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    My advice is to give yourself some time first!

    Whats the rush, just look after yourself, be with friends whom you have a good time with, and rediscover who you are... as a now single person.

    It takes a while to get into the groove of being single,so yes, it is a strange feeling going back into the dating scene, but im sure you will be fine.

    Just dont rush things or enter into relationships because its fills a void, you may be feeling, thats unfair to you and the other person.


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    first of all you need to be by yourself at least for 5-6 months. you should better to know yourself and not to be in any dates until you will recover of your divorce. but you should work on yourself to realize who R U? and what are your weakness point and get over it. Then start dating till you find someone who has the same chemistry as you and know each other before having sex. I hope this could work for you. good luck

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