help my cat keeps trying to eat my 3 year olds hambster!!?

ok for christmas we got my 3 year old two hamsters to replace the pet rat that passed away a fre days before and my cat "missy" keeps knocking the cage over! we have tryed everything to keep the cat away, but its not working. a few nights ago she finely manege to catch the male and was trying to carry him off. she only goes after the male one"peanut". and i am considering velcoing the cage to the top of the book case that it is sitting on. i know that cats are supposed to go after stuff like this but my other cats show no interest in the hamsters i don't want to get rid of them because my son loves them, but i just don't know how to keep them safe. anyone out there have any ideas?


water will not work on "missy" she likes it!

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    If you have a truly predatory cat (one who would eat the hamster if it could get it out of the cage) then it's up to you to keep the cat in it's place (in the other rooms in the house) and the hamsters in their own room. The easiest way to do this is to simply shut the door ... which may not be a good thing since the hamsters belong to a three year old. I like your idea of using velcro to hold the cage to the shelf ... but be VERY careful that you use a glue that will 'hold' one side of the velcro to the bottom of the cage, and use a different glue to hold it to the shelf. I know that may seem to be 'basic' but in fact there are many different types of glue and not many of them will hold the 'plastic fabric' to the 'plastic or metal' of the cage, and also to the 'wood/ wooden by-products most shelving is made from. Read the 'glue' you have (hopefully you kept the packaging, since most 'glue' is far too small to actually read the 'bottle/tube' it comes in) to be absolutely sure the velcro is 'sticking properly' to both sides, or the velcro will just come 'unglued' when the cat wants the cage 'down' where it can get in to catch the hamster. Good luck!

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    I think securing the cage to the table or bookcase is a good start. Make sure you have the tight locking lid so if the cat does knock it off the lid won't come off and the hamster will still be safe.

    When you see the cat near the cage tell it no and give it a quick spray of water, (the best thing to train a cat with) Be consistent and hopefully the cat will eventually realize that everytime it's near the cage it will get wet and it won't like it.

    Source(s): Had cats with gerbils.
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