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Small scale gardening problem?

I've started to grow some peas and carrots, but as my garden is small I'm growing them in pots.

We have a small terrier who loves to bury things in the garden, and the pots are just the right height for her to get her nose in and root around.

Does anyone have any good tips on stopping this happening? Any thing I can put on the soil to deter her?

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    Catch her at it and be cross with her. Say 'No!' very firmly. Put her indoors and ignore her so she knows she's in disgrace. Then, later on, take her out the pots and say 'Leave' if she shows any interest in them. Reward her when she ignores the pots. I expect you have taught her a command such as 'Leave' when you want her to drop something or ignore it? If not, this would seem a good time to start!

    Terriers love digging, but can be taught not to do it in your garden.

    This sounds more like a question for the Pets>Dogs section to me!

    Source(s): Two Norfolk Terriers and a garden!
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    You could raise the pots by placing something underneath them. Also, I kept cats out of my plants by placing empty green bottles around the plant and on top of the soil. The green glass looked kind of nice and kept the cats away. You could also use mesh designed to place on the soil to prevent weeds from growing through the top. Finally, any kind of old window screen would work also.

    good luck

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    So many safe repellents with differen names are now available at the Garden centres and nurseries for the purpose pl select some best one for you

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    ground black pepper

    will sting her nose, probably just once

    it wont burn or cause ANY harm but will deter her from going near the soil

    and wont harm your plants either

    small tub is cheap, just need to replace when you have watered but she will soon learn and you wont need it

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