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Ladies, there are more WOMEN found molesting young boys, is this the "dirty" secret the female species ?

I mean I am sure that it was always happening.

But when a young boy is touched by a woman.

This is what happens.

1. He thinks that it is normal

2. He is oblivious to the fact that he is being molested because she is a woman.

3. That only men are the bad ones.

4. She is using her feminine motherly ways to

protect me, when really it is for her own personal needs.

5. I cannot tell on this woman because it is not

possible, than women can molest children.

6. Noone will do anything anyway, especially

since she is female.

7. My mother might not believe me.

8. Maybe this lady is just being kind.

9. Why is there so much hair down there

10. Is she insane.

Now do you get my drift. If a little boy is being

touched wrongly by a woman. Then the odds

are against him. And this is usually the case.

And the price unfortunately for most women is

not as high to pay, if you are a guy.

Do you agree ?

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    Yes- I definitely agree. I remember when I was younger and we were taught about "inappropriate touching" it was always a MAN used as an example of who was touching the little boys or girls inappropriately. And as a child all of my teachers were female- they forgot to mention that there are SICK women out there too.

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    The Silverscreen just answered with a common response to molested boys: shouldn't the kid just be happy to have sexual contact with a willing older female? That's just as bad as Clayton Williams telling women who are raped to lie back and enjoy it. There is no excuse or upside to assault and exploitation for any victim, male or female.

    I don't know that feminists are really behind the cover-up. I think most women are dismayed to see anyone of their gender playing up being pretty and emotionally troubled to avoid consequences. This is an accusation against society and its double standards.

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    bro, i see where you're coming from and i agree to some extent. and the price should always be a million times higher if youre a male molesting a boy. REGARDLESS.

    its ok, but the reason its ok is because whenever a woman or teacher molests a boy he walks away unscathed. (not all the time unfortunately but just go along with me here..) when boys are molested by their teachers or women, the teacher turns out to be pretty attractive and not some creepy f'd up priest or old man who ends up brutally killing them or screwing them up for life.

    getting molested by a semi attractive teacher who doesn't kidnap you or kill you, in my opinion wouldn't traumatize any dude, itd be bragging rights.

    so score?

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    Do you have an actual published statistic you can reference to back up your claim?

    My guess is there are more MEN molesting young boys (and girls) than WOMEN on any day of the week.

    EHOGAN: I protected no one with my statement. There is no fact you can produce to back this up anywhere. In my personal experience, and for what I have witnessed - I find my statement to be accurate.

    If men aren't reporting it, your beef should be with them.

    PS - the link you posted is an extremest, radical web page and you cheapen yourself by referencing it.

    "haha 86% of the male victims arent believed and they have no voice or access to services or funding because people like you are monopolising it."

    ACCORDING to who? That supremacist rag you quoted? Oh yes, I am part of the feminist conspiracy what all women support unconditionally.

    Take your meds. It should help with the paranoia.

    For the record, I'd like to clarify that regardless of who gets abused more frequently, (men or women) it's certainly a crime, and victims deserve to get help as well as the people that have abused them should receive punishment and treatment so they do not pass along the cycle again.

    To say that perpetrators of these crimes are justified because they were victims in the past, does not prove a thing because their abusers could have been abused as well and so on goes the vicious cycle of blame.

    Blanket statements such as are made in the asking of this question are designed just get people arguing to a pointless end with each other. I obviously got caught up in it myself. It's a wasted effort.

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    Feminism has been obfuscating this for a long time. If people knew that women abused children more often than men then it would hurt their campaign to demonize men.

    It's to the point now where number 3, 5, and 6 are extremely true.

    Most men who grow up to hate or abuse women were abused by an older woman when he was a child. Be it violence, sexual, or mental.

    It would be rather difficult to gather any reliable statistics here due to the amount of unreported events in this regard. Unreported because it wont be taken seriously due to women being painted as the perpetual victim by feminism.


    I agree with Trevor. There needs to be a qualification test to have kids. I've been saying it for some time now.

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    yeah its very under reported and 86% of those that do come forward are not believed.

    and there are studies that show that the majority of rapists and sex offenders that target women have been sexually abused by women in the past.

    we are supposed to brush all this under the carpet but we cant. children's rights groups and mens rights groups are calling feminism out on the cover up....

    CHIZZY you are a disgraceful bigot who protects female abusers.

    ....... 3 out of 4 teenage runaways that are exploited for sex are exploited by women.

    LUX, that figure means nothing because 86% of boys that are sexually abused by women are not believed.

    LUX, "80% of child molesters are men" you said.... this figure means nothing because the system is only set up to identify and treat male abusers and their victims.

    Female abusers are denied out of existence/protected and 86% of male victims that are abused by women are dismissed as liars. So the figures you are giving us about men doing most of the child abusing mean nothing.

    CHIZZY, most of the guys here know how feminists frame abuse. We know the abuse industry has been corrupt since feminists took it over. We know that your supremacist beliefs wont allow to accept that abuse is a human problem and not a gender problem but tough... its all changing.

    "If men aren't reporting it, your beef should be with them."

    ha ha 86% of the male victims aren't believed and they have no voice or access to services or funding because people like you are monopolising it.

    Chizzy "To say that perpetrators of these crimes are justified because they were victims in the past, does not prove a thing because their abusers could have been abused as well and so on goes the vicious cycle of blame."

    Who said justified? Im just saying that feminism's immature and dishonest approach loses up the opportunity to treat abuse holistically, as a human problem.

    Wouldnt be having this arguement if abuse services were run by mormal people with no agenda to make one gender look like the victims and the other the inherent abusers.

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    I totally agree with you.

    We need to do more to stop the molestation of boys/men.

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    It has always shocked me that heterosexuals are the ones tasked with carrying on the human race and yet you all seem to despise each other so much.

    Lordy, Lordy!

    You all need to take an exam before having children ...

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    I think we should just kill off all child molesters, male or female.

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    What is your question? I'm a little unsure.

    Most molestation victims believe that they are at fault and that no one will believe them. And I agree with you that it's a bit harder for boys who are violated by women, because they are constantly being sent the message that it's something they should want.

    And no one is denying that women do this.

    So what's your question?

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