How does that whole "Ex-Christians obviously never REALLY believed in God" thingy work?

Belief requires faith. Faith is the absence of proof. So how can anybody know what somebody else believed and how real those beliefs were?

To put it in more simple words: Did an average 9-year-old never REALLY believe in Santa?

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    We can't, of course, know the innermost beliefs of others, and to claim to do so is an act of arrogance. I am a Christian, but have been seriously questioning my faith. If I do end up leaving Christianity, and somebody accuses me of never having been a True Christian (TM), I'll kneecap them. I have spent nearly my entire life in the dedicated service of Christ and the church. Nobody could possibly have believed more zealously than I did during my youth. But the fact is that I'm an adult now, and am having doubts. And that's okay.

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    In the same way there are not people going around calling themselves ex evolutionists. The people who do not believe in evolution have a misconception of what evolution is all about or have not studied it to the point where they say aha this is true. From your point of view an ex-evolutionist obviously never really believed in evolution.

    There are many misconceptions about god. Rejecting god because some gods are myths is like rejecting evolution because some hypotheses have been found to be untrue. It does not make any sense.

    Yes, the 9-year-old belief in Santa did not make Santa true. Suppose the precocious 9-year-old believed in Saint Nicholas; if ten years down the track he or she denies the historical Saint Nicholas then we would say that the precocious 9-year-old was not as precocious as we thought. Based on the fact that we understand the difference between the myth of Santa Claus and the historical Saint Nicholas.

    I am not aware of any however if you did come across someone who said I am an ex evolutionist what would you think about their ideas on evolution?

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    Faith that you call Faith, is what the Church has always called FIDEISM..."Fideism is a school of thought which maintains that faith is independent of reason, or that reason and faith are hostile to each other"

    But the second part of your question isn't even logically related to the first, because YOU aren't denying that a person can believe or not believe [ Do people read their own questions ? ]

    But I will let even that slide...Belief is always 'belief IN SOMETHING' so if what was believed was not the Christian Faith then of course you can be one who never really believed.

    See, you are a Fundamentalist. Do you realize that in the Catholic Church you can get 'married' but the marriage can be annulled later because it was not a real marriage, EG the groom never intended to have children, the woman did not accept the marriage as a sacrament, or even the two had secretly agreed to raise the children as Bahai !!!

    How can an educated person not get all this. I think you do it just to get the super-rational types like me all wired up.

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    There are some people who believe that once you are saved you cannot become unsaved. When asked about specific examples of those who say they used to be Christians but are no longer Christians, they will often say "That person never really was a Christian."

    I think that only God and that individual can know if that person ever was a believer, and I think that it is certainly possible to be a Christian and later choose not to be. This makes sense because of free will, but also, the bible is full of examples and scriptures about "backsliding".

    The main basis for the belief in "once saved always saved" is probably a scripture that says that nothing can remove us from the love of God in Christ. That's true. God will always love us. But that is not saying we will always choose to believe in and love Him.

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    I prefer to call them "recovering Christians". ;)

    Excellent point - most little kids really did/do believe there is a Santa Claus...and abandon that "real" belief in their older years.

    I just think the Christians who would say that "ex-Christians obviously never *really* believed in God" don't understand that people *can* change their beliefs as they observe, and learn, and grow, and obtain (hang on now) - different viewpoints!

    Yet other folks seem to think it's so simple to change your beliefs - they seem to believe that all it would take for me to agree with their way of thinking is for me to read the Bible. They look totally dumbfounded trying to figure out how it is that I've read the Bible and been to their church and still have not changed my "evil pagan ways". That just can't be possible!

    Then I can see the gears turning and know what's coming....(Maybe if we witness to her just a little more, it will give her that final push she needs to teeter over to our side.) Oh yeah, good times. :)

    Tell me, mugfullo - in what dictionary is "God" defined as "truth"? Not my Merriam-Webster. (Nor is "truth" defined as "God")

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    This excuse is a self defense mechanism, because they constantly applaud one another for being amazed at how wonderful Jesus is.

    They cannot comprehend why anyone who felt that way could possibly not believe in him anymore, because they are so thoroughly convinced that it is all peaches and cream.

    The bible itself talks about believers who fall by the wayside and Paul is constantly talking about helping people keep the faith and encouraging them to remain strong. This proves that claiming that 'true' Christians never fall away or start disbelieving is false, even by thier own book.

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    I know; it's very insulting. Most Christians probably don't believe as deeply and passionately as I did. I was immersed in the Bible for six years before I went to Bible College and studied it, as well as theology, church history, the languages and thensome in an academic setting. I know the religion upside down and backwards, yet they would tell me I never believed. They have no idea.

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    I used to smoke two packs a day for 12 years; I quit 3 months ago.

    Does this mean I was never a serious smoker?

  • Myth. Many of my contacts on Yahoo are ex-Christians and they were "real" Christians

    Source(s): 23-year old Deist
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    Thank you for exposing this blanket generalization.

    The sentence you point to is made by preachers who are afraid that if some in the church dig for truth deeper they too may become an ex-Christian.

    And many have.

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