How long did it take Noah to gather all the animals on the ark?

There are between 30 and 50 million species. Take two of each, that's 60-100 million animals. Let's say he was working 24/7, moving 100 animals per minute (which is pretty darn fast, but we'll give him a little lee-way since the big guy was backing him). By my calculations it would have taken him between 416.7 and 694.4 days to complete his task. How did he keep the ones on the boat alive during that amount of time? How did he cope with the huge amount of feces produced? Where did he keep the food for all these animals? How did the animals gather in one location from all parts of the globe? How would a boat this large hold under its own weight, much less be sea-worthy? Where did all this excess water necessary for a flood come from and go to? Why is there no archaeological evidence of a worldwide deluge of water? Do I really need to go on?

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    As the story of Noah's ark is just that; a story meant to inspire faith, and seeing as God's power is supposed to be unlimited, any number I give could technically be correct. In that case, I'm going to say it took Noah three minutes and seventeen seconds to load the ark, which could also fly and had three laser cannons for fighting off Glyche attack ships. How about a few dragons? I could put a few dragons in there for, say, an extra fifteen seconds.

    Actually, I have it from a reliable source that the only animals in the ark were goats, sheep, and giraffes, so it probably didn't take that long.

    Source(s): First source: Wong Fo-lee's encyclopedia of Gibberish and Whimsy Second source: Super Noah's Ark 3-D
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    According to references of Lloyd R Bailey,of University of S Carolina,.Noah started boarding the ark the 3rd day of the second month of the 600th year of Noah's life. The boarding lasted a week,at the end of which the people, and the animals and everything they had taken with them were all inside the ark. They existed from the ark until the earth way dry. They were on the ark from 2/10/600 to 2/27/601,one year and 17 days.

    Source(s): On line looking under Noah and the Ark,and references of Lloyd R Bailey
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    i'm undecided it truly passed off the way it truly is asserted to have passed off. I watched an exceedingly interesting biography on the historic previous Channel portraying what "truly" ensue between thoughts out of the bible and that they are all taken out of context. case in point the splitting of the sea became extremely a earthquake that led to a crack sufficiently great in the earths floor to empty a process water that moses walked. additionally the purple sea became led to by a gas seeping from from the earths crust and grew to become the water a muddy purple shade portraying purple water. that extremely nevertheless occurs. So i think all thoughts in the bible are slightly fictional yet not totally made up, in basic terms slightly innovative.

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    Assuming a Koala can move at between 2 - 5km/h and ignoring the fact that it can't swim, it would have taken it ~117 - 292 days to get there. If it slept as much as is its habit, this is possibly quadrupled. I suppose God got them moving long before he spoke to Noah.

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    Scripture does not reveal this however it was 377 days from the time he closed the door to the ark and he later stepped out onto dry land

    Gen 7&8

    BTW, that was several thousand years ago. All the animal species of today were not present then. They were still wrapped up in the genome.

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    This question has made me think...this arc must have been huge. We complain about co-operations creating greenhouse gasses and people wiping out the rainforest but for 100 million animals (some as big as elephants) to fit on this arc it must have been huge! think how many trees must have been cut down? Those trees could have been converting those gases to oxygen.

    I think Noah is responsible for global warming.

    Source(s): as seems to be necissary in this section; atheist here.
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    A wooden boat that size could not even be built and sailed TODAY with computers and engineers. No one should take any of it seriously.

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    First of all, it was after their KIND, not species. There is a difference.

    And I think that they came to him, not he had to find them.

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    with God one can do anything----hence Noah being able to complete such a hard---impressive task---

    Source(s): Evangelical and devoted Soldier of God.<33
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