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Have you ever felt you couldn't speak up or express yourself like a LaMB?

LaMB is an original animation produced by Animax-Asia. In it, LaMBs cannot speak nor do they have free will. Have you ever been in a situation where you felt you couldn’t speak up or express yourself?

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    Yes. Because naturally, I'm good at keeping things to myself. I've become so good at it that i forgot how to relate and reconnect to the world around me. Because of this kinda 'unique yet irritating' persona of mine, it cost me a friendship for a couple of months. But then again, i had reasons behind my closed mouth - it was a very deep secret that i had to carry the burden all to myself and not say anything even to my two closest friends. When people would ask, i would certainly deny or either ignore the comments, let it pass through the other ear. But when rumors spread and the evidence was getting more and more obvious to the public eye, i had to break the silence and admit that i was among the few who knew the bitter truth. My friend found out and turned the most bitter of them all. She definitely felt betrayed by my silence and denial.

    The outcome was uneventful, and pretty much devastating especially to my psychological aspect. i suffered a few hyperventilations, cried a lot alone, having all the paranoia creeping into my brain at most times and among others, these things really kept me down till i was underground. I didn't want the quarrel between me and my friend known to the public, not even to our other close friends - that's how secretive i am - that i chose not to open up nor speak about it at all. Only one was caught in between, and she was neutral..but she chose to be with her more for a lot of reasons, which was fine and sometimes, not fine by me.

    We haven't spoken to each other for months, only when it's very necessary since we were all together in the same group. I always had my fears with me, one of them was losing her - which i already did - but then, i wouldn't want to really waste all of the friendship and memories that we had altogether, too.

    I didn't want the public to know about the truth and lay their comments on me and especially on her, so i had chosen the option of really closing my doors and not letting any sort of information out. I wasn't able to express myself fully. If i tried to, there would be holes in it, and some people would have noticed then.

    But eventually, we communicated through emails, which was all filled with hurts and took a lot of time to patch things up..but gladly, we are back on track right now..much closer and much happier :D

    From my experience, i have learned that each of us has the right to express freely or speak up, and as for me, i should not hinder myself just because some secret was in the way. Surely, there are secrets meant to be hidden, but then, not all of them remain as a secret forever, ayt? There will be a right time for a secret to come out, it's just the matter of finding the right timing. Well, i was just a little too late for that situation, but at least, everything went well in the end.

    Really, IT IS A PAIN not being able to express yourself out in the open. It was like i was in a prison cell, prohibited to do something that would make me comfortable for once..That immersion of myself into depression was really weakening, but having been able to come out and break free made me feel alive again!

    Just make sure that what you express, is expressed rightfully and properly, at the right time, at the right place, with the right people. This justifies the person's right to express himself/herself.

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  • Lol more often than not XD! But that's because I'm naturally an introvert person - I let other people do more talking than me. I generally prefer to be the listener - I listen to what they all have to say, then make deductions or thoughts based on what I've listened to quietly. When I time it right, I speak up my opinions.

    Back when I was in school, this sort of approach kind of backfired most of the time, they think that I never wanted to participate in group or class discussions in the first place. When tests came out based on what we've learnt and I came out tops, they demanded where have I copied from. I was like, WTF?!

    But alhamdulillah, now that I'm in university, most of the students and lecturers are great to hang out with and are a lot more assertive, plus they make room and allow space for those who are falling back in communication skills (like me, I suppose *gloom*). Still, at least now that I'm being heard, I feel a lot more comfortable being around with people, and am glad that I can give my input on issues without hesitancy or the need to hold back.

    I hope that there'll be some other alternative for those LaMBS. At first I thought, "Cool! That means that those criminals can't do harm to others anymore!" When they said criminals, I'm thinking along the lines of rapists, child molesters, murderers, mercenaries, sodomizers and the like.

    But then I consider the other "criminals", those who are forced to do wrong such as thievery for starving families, those who are simply caught in the wrong place at the wrong time like a passer-by who is unfortunate to come across a grisly murder scene and is wrongly caught and tried as a suspect, those people who are not harmful, but due to circumstances, they strayed and do wrong things. Do they deserve to be turned into LaMBs as well? And we're talking about hundreds of years.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I always did..

    with my friends, family, strangers...

    it's because I don't open up at all. In fact, I close out the whole world. I don't know why but I do, and somehow I'm used to it, but there are times that I just break down and cry when I'm alone.

    How tight do I close myself from the world? Very tight. They don't even see the other side of me. And it's not my fault they don't know me, because believe me, I have tried a million times to communicate, but they...or I...I'm just too invisible for them. Not being emo or anything, but that's the truth.

    How would you feel if you tripped and almost got ran over by a car and then your friends would just laugh at you?

    Or try to tell your parents your problem with them ["try listening to me..."] and in turn they'll just scold you more for not listening or understanding them?

    Or simply being left alone? Always being forgotten? Barely remembered?

    Only seen because of your mistakes?

    Always blamed for everything that goes wrong?

    Efforts NEVER appreciated?

    Accused of being "selfish and vain" just because you won't speak up?

    I learned to endure these and others through time. You can see me with my "friends" but I'm not sure if they really are my friends.

    Oh wait, they're not.

    Friends should always care, right? They should always give and take. Not give and give.

    As to why I still hang out with them...I don't have any choice. Being emotionally and mentally alone is enough, at least there are SOME people around me physically.

    So why don't I speak up and express myself?

    it's because I grew tired of trying to speak without any audience.

    The only thing that knows how I really feel are my papers. I write, I draw.

    That's my escape.

    Compared to people, they're more reliable when you have problems.

    Because some people are deaf and blind. Or maybe they choose to be deaf and blind towards a certain person.

    They just don't know how much it hurts.

    Source(s): everyday life.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes. More often than not, there comes a time in ones life that having the freedom of speech is neglected or in some ways hindered by outside forces in use. This certain event happened to me before in high school. everyone knows that to be in is to belong, and to belong would sometimes result to completely shutting up. This event made me feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Not having to express my own ideas just to comply with the requirements of a group made me feel sick. That's way tried so hard to break free from the chains of extreme social norms that a group or the society itself dictates its people. It is my goal, from that day on, to create a change by expressing my thoughts and beliefs. This does not, however, mean that I'll not be following rules and norms of the society. Its just that I'll take it as how it suits my ideals. What's wrong is wrong and What's right is right!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well being here in S******** is as good an example as it can get. Nothing much is heard here and everyone is too afraid to voice out any opinions. Even if there are anyone brave enough, they risk everything in their livelihood. Or either the content would be censored so much that its of no more meaning to even voice out. Free will? Since when did we had such choices? If we are talking about free will on the surface level than there is. Other than that, one got to look elsewhere for it. Even then your not safe. There are only those who follow the majority* and condemn others who do not follow their example. Kudos to those who try to stand out and create a better tomorrow for themselves.

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  • Carole
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    4 years ago

    . Peace, you were not being hypocritical at all. You put your own worries to one side to be a comforter to your brother. I have not read the other answers yet, because I didn't want to be influenced until I had answered you. --------------------- This is what struck me when I read your Question:- You said those things to your brother, because you yourself needed to hear them. Spirit works in this way. Often when we find ourself saying something to someone else, that is exactly what we need to hear ourselves. When we teach, or give advice to others, the only person we are teaching is in fact ourselves. Does that sound strange? ... but when you examine it you will find it to be true in every single instance. I'm so sorry you are feeling so worried and knotted up at the moment. I hope you can find a way to rest in the Stream of Peace and allow it to wash away your worries. Forgive me for not answering your question in the way you were asking it. Namaste Peace, I had just edited my answer a few minutes ago, before I saw your note to me in Additional Details. Thank you SO much for your kind words to me, I think the same of you, and more. I came back to edit because I suddenly realised that I had not answered your question at all and had gone off on a different track! But maybe it was meant to be after all, so I have left it almost as it was .....

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  • 1 decade ago

    One of the most LaMB like experience I had involved me and my ex-girlfriend.

    She was talking about how we weren't going along in a good way and she was planning to break up with me. I had put all my efforts on trying to maintain our relationship but suddenly out of the blue she tells me she needed time to be alone. Dumbfounded I just stared blankly and couldn't even speak. I sat on the bench where we were talking for almost 15 min. until she just kissed my cheek and left. By the time I came to my senses 3 hours already passed. Time for me stood still at that moment.

    I spent the rest of that day just walking aimlessly towards nowhere. Just to find myself lost and confused all over again.

    Source(s): Personal Experience.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes I have. I transferred into a new school when I started high school. Unlike my classmates I didn’t know anyone of them so I was quite shy and I seldom leave our room. I used to get in a lot of fights when I was in elementary but I decided to change and start over a new leaf and that’s when the problem occurred. I think people began to perceive me as a push over. One morning my chair had gone missing and there was only one vacant chair left and it’s located in the left side of the front row. As I was about to get that chair one of my girl classmate said to me “don’t take that chair! You’d only messed our row, we have complete seats here and I don’t want one to go missing”. I was speechless in my head I thought” if I punch your face right now, you’d know what a mess is”. In the end I just walked away and seek for other chairs in others rooms. I felt that I’m such a loser for not answering back.

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  • 1 decade ago

    yes!! It happened from October 2007-april 2008. I have no ability to express my thoughts and feeling to my ex-bf. He controlled my life. I can't spent time with my gfs and my family. I have to spend 99% of my time with him! alone! & it is so weird! we were not engaged. when I express an idea, he will be like 'why are u complaining? Juz follow what I said.' hey! I'm 19 okay! I know what's right & what's not! & my frens told me to break up with him many times, but i dont want to. until my mom told me to. when I asked for break up, he made an assumption that I have some other guys, i had intimate relationship with some other guys. It was like...AM I THAT CHEAP!? hello! get a life u id***. erk! It was the most horrible relationship I have ever ever had in my whole life...

    Source(s): It's my own life experience as a teenager
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  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah, When I recently joined an Online Talent Competition.. The Organizers called me and they where Singaporeans, I was shocked because of the accent and I'm not used to speak English on phone a lot and with that Singaporean Accent. I thought they will gonna disqualify me or what, But still they have picked me to represent the Philippines to compete with other countries :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, yes, of course. It' really normal for people to feel this. Honestly, I always don't speak up and express myself. Sometimes, I think that what I know is not right, so I'll get scared and ending up quiet while the rests are chatting about it.

    I can't express myself further as I want to, especially at school. When I got accepted at UP Rural High School, I don't really want to be there. I just took the exam for my parents and I'm not expecting anything -like passing the entrance exam- especially that I know for myself that I didn't study hard for it. My parents felt happy and proud when they knew that I passed, and that time, seeing their faces with expectations from me... it was really hard to turn them down, so I just accepted it. Next thing I knew, I'm not doing well at school -it's either I don't really like there or because it's just for smart students unlike me. Currently, I'm doing my best to make my parents proud, and I've given my hope that someday I'll tell them what I feel, think, and want I want to do.

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